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Installation tips for the Rotary Rudder Reference Transducer

What are some tips for installing the Rotary Rudder Reference Transducer?

The Rotary Rudder Reference Transducer is a sensor included with many Raymarine SmartPilot core packs, and with the ST60 series rudder system. This device accurately measures the angle of the boat's rudder(s) or outdrives, and sends that information back to the autopilot course computer or rudder angle display. Additionally, many Raymarine multifunction displays and instrument repeaters have the ability to read and display rudder angle information over the SeaTalk navigation network.

Rudder Reference Transducer Installation Guide:

Click here to download the complete guide in Adobe PDF format (169 KB.)

Installation tips:

Notice that the mounting holes on the base of the transducer are slotted. This allows you to loosen the securing screws and roughly tune the transducer so it aligns to zero degrees of rudder angle when the rudder is amidships by turning the transducer on its mount.

Once you have it roughly tuned, tighten the screws snugly. You will fine tune it later in the installation electronically through your autopilot controller.

There is an alignment notch molded on the rear of the transducer arm and on the transducer body. When these are in-line, the transducer is roughly calibrated to amidships.

When you are attaching the tie bar from your tiller/quadrant to the trandducer, make sure these notches are in line.

In some cases, you migt find that the best installation location forces you to mount the transducer upside down or inverted. This is perfectly acceptable as long as you remember that doing so will reverse the port/starboard sense of the transducer.

When making the final electrical connections to your course computer or instrument, you can reverse the positions of the red and green leads to invert the port/starboard sense. If you forget to do this, the error will be evident in that the rudder angle display will appear to drive backwards during your initial calibration of the system.

This condition MUST be corrected before you do your autopilot sea trial as well because the autopilot course computer will think it is driving the rudder starboard when it is really moving starboard and vice-versa.

If you are unsure about your installation or need help be sure to ask your boat dealer, marine electronics installer, or Ask Raymarine.