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Software Update: DSM250 (via C Classic)

The DSM250 Digital Sounder Module must be running software version 2.24 or higher. All DSM250 units shipped (from Raymarine) since March 1, 2004 already have this software installed. In addition to the software update, these units include both a Pathfinder hsb2 series and a C-Series Classic MFD interconnect cable. There is a sticker on the outside of the DSM250 carton stating "Pathfinder and C-Series (Classic) Compatible." DSM250 units shipped before this date will require a software upgrade if they are going to be used with a C-Series Classic Multifunction Navigation display.

Upgrading older DSM250 units to version 2.24 for use with C-Series Classic Displays

The DSM250 software can be upgraded through a connection to a C-Series Classic display

The upgrade requires a blank CompactFlash card and a CompactFlash reader/writer. Click here to learn more about CompactFlash cards and your PC.

To complete the software upgrade you must have all of the following parts:

  • Any C-Series Classic Multifunction Navigation Display (C70, C80, or C120)
  • DSM to C-Series Classic Interconnect Cable
  • These are available in two lengths:
    • E65009 (3 meters)
    • E65016 (10 meters)
    The cables are available through any Authorized Raymarine Dealer. In North America the cables can be ordered directly from Raymarine Customer Service by calling 603-881-5200 ext. 2333
  • Any size San Disk Compact Flash (CF) memory card
  • A Compact Flash reader/writer
  • A Microsoft Windows or Macintosh computer
  • DSM250 Software Upgrade 2.24 available for downloading by clicking here

Upgrade Instructions:

  • Download the DSM250 2.24 Software Upgrade Package "dsm250_224.zip"
  • Unzip the dsm250_224.zip file to a location on your computer (i.e. your Desktop or My Documents)
  • Unzipping dsm250_224.zip file will reveal the following two files:
    • a. Autorun.dob
    • b. V2.24.pkg
  • Using your computer and CF reader/writer, copy the two files to the root directory of you Compact Flash memory card
  • Power off both the C-Series Classic display and the DSM250. Remove the transducer from the DSM250, if connected.
  • Insert the CF card into the C-Series Classic display's card reader. Power the display on.
  • From the SOFTWARE UPDATE UTILITY menu that appears, press the UPDATE REMOTE UNIT ON HSB soft key.
  • Within 20 seconds, power on the DSM 250.
  • The transfer of software begins immediately, and takes less than 45 seconds. You will see some progress indicator graphs fill as the software transfers. When they disappear, the transfer is complete.
  • Remove the CF card from the C-Series Classic display and press the REBOOT soft key.
  • Power off the DSM250, and reconnect the transducer. Power the DSM250 back on.
  • The system should now display live DSM250 sonar data.

Confirming a Successful Upgrade

Beyond normal operation, successful upgrade to the DSM250 can be confirmed through the C-Series Classic display’s on-board diagnostic features.

  • On the C-Series Classic display press MENU, and then select SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS.
  • The serial number of the DSM, and it software version (2.24) should be displayed.
  • Press CLEAR several times to exit the menus.