LightHouse 3 Operating System - 3.1 Software Update

LightHouse 3 Operating System - 3.1 Software Update | Raymarine by FLIR

LightHouse v3.1 Feature Overview:

Evolution Autopilot Integration | Sonar Enhancements: • Scrollback – 2D and 3D • Sensitivity History • GPS Tracks in 3D • 3D Waypoint placement | Mobile Application Support | RMK-10 Support


Evolution Autopilot Integration

Now engage and control you Evolution Autopilots direct from your Axiom MFD. Follow waypoints and routes with unmatched precision.

Full Evolution Autopilot Control | Raymarine by FLIR

Full Evolution Pilot Control from Axiom Multifunction Display - No p70 pilot head required*.

*p70 pilot head required for Fishing Patterns and Steer to Wind features.

Evolution Autopilot Sidebar Pilot Control | Raymarine by FLIR

Sidebar Pilot Control.

  • Steer to Heading | +1 / +10 port/starboard heading jog
  • Steer to Nav | Navigate to waypoint or follow route
  • Advance Waypoint
  • Restart CrossTrack Error
Advanced Evolution Autopilot Settings | Raymarine by FLIR

Advance Pilot Settings.

  • Dockside Calibration
  • Pilot Responsiveness
Sidebar Additional Data | Raymarine by FLIR

Sidebar Additional Data.

  • Select from Data 1, Data 2 or Pilot and Pin favorite


LightHouse 3.1 Sonar Enhancements | Raymarine by FLIR
LightHouse 3.1 Sonar Enhancements | Raymarine by FLIR

Sonar Scrollback – 2D and 3D

Rewind, pause and playback recorded sonar history to take a closer look at fish and structure, and easily plot waypoints.

A simple swipe on the screen activates a scroll bar that can manipulate 10 minutes worth of saved sonar data to easily pinpoint missed targets.

Adjustments to sonar gain, sensitivity and filtering are applied to recorded sonar history, enabling you to reveal previously concealed fish and structure.

LightHouse 3.1 RealVision GPS Track | Raymarine by FLIR
LightHouse 3.1 RealVision GPS Track | Raymarine by FLIR

RealVision™ GPS Track

RealVision 3D Sonar combines with precision GPS to construct the most accurate 3D model of the underwater world in real-time.

Merges bottom images from overlapping sonar returns to build a true representation of both bottom and water column targets.

Helps identify exact location of fish targets.

3D Waypoint Placement

Place waypoints on the 3D RealVision grid with a long touch anywhere on the screen. Waypoint location can be edited for accuracy while sonar screen is paused. Waypoints will also be saved on your chart.

LightHouse 3.1 3D Waypoint Placement | Raymarine by FLIR

Long touch on the screen activates a “pin” and a menu that allows you to slide that pin to desired location or place the waypoint.

LightHouse 3.1 3D Waypoint Placement | Raymarine by FLIR
LightHouse 3.1 3D Waypoint Placement | Raymarine by FLIR

Once location is selected push place waypoint and it will be saved on the sonar screen and on the chart screen.


Raymarine Mobile App Support

Use your favorite mobile apps on Lighthouse 3.1* - Available via free download on Android and IOS devices.

*Requires download of the latest mobile apps.

RayView Mobile App | Raymarine by FLIR


Stream direct to your tablet or smartphone.

RayControl Mobile App | Raymarine by FLIR


2 way control between your tablet and Axiom MFD.

RayRemote Mobile App | Raymarine by FLIR


Turn your smartphone into a remote for your Axiom MFD.


RMK-10 Multifunction Remote Keypad

Lighthouse 3.1 Supports the use of multiple RMK-10 or RMK-9 remotes across a network.

The RMK-10 is a fully backlit, compact keypad accessory that provides full control of your Axiom from any mounting location. Available for surface or flush mounting with both portrait and landscape installations.

Learn more about Raymarine RMK-10 Remote Keypad


A. LightHouse 3.1 adds several new features to the Axiom Platform including:

  • RealVision 3D GPS Tracks
  • 2D and 3D sonar pause and scroll back
  • 3D sonar waypoint placement
  • Historical sonar sensitivity
  • Evolution Autopilot integration, control and calibration
  • RayControl and RayRemote mobile apps support over Wi-Fi
    • Watch for updated versions of RayRemote and RayControl in your device’s app store when LightHouse 3.1 is released.
  • RMK-10 remote keypad one-to-many support
  • The ability to upgrade networked Axiom MFDs from a single display

A. Over the next several months we plan to add many features to the LightHouse 3 operating system that are currently supported in Lighthouse II. These features and enhancements include:

  • Advanced Navionics cartography features including:
    • SonarChart Live
    • Sonar Logging
    • Freshest Data subscription updates
    • Dock to dock Autorouting
    • Platinum+ panoramic photos and pilot book
    • Plotter Sync data synchronization
  • C-MAP 4D MAX cartography support including:
    • Easy Routing
    • Active Captain data layer
    • High resolution bathymetric charts
  • FUSION marine stereo support
  • Theyr GRIB Viewer weather application
  • SIRIUSXM Marine weather and SIRIUSXM audio support
  • Advanced sailing tools with:
    • Laylines and polars
    • Race course quick entry
    • Race timers and start line assistant
  • System Support:
    • Cross-network upgrade of NMEA2000, SeaTalkhs and SeaTalkng peripherals
    • Diagnostics and System Device Information
    • Backup/Restore Settings
  • Fuel management
    • Graphical tides and currents
    • Document viewer
    • Additional Top and Side Databar options
    • System-wide brightness control
    • Ruler
    • And many more new features and enhancements!

We are committed to delivering as many new features and functionality as possible with each release of LightHouse 3, however because of the rigorous testing and quality assurance measures we put in place with each edition of the LightHouse OS, not every future feature and enhancement is guaranteed in each release. New features and enhancements that don’t make cut will be prioritized in the next edition of LightHouse 3.

Raymarine is planning the following upcoming releases for LightHouse 3 in the near future:

  • LightHouse version 3.2 (September 2017, along with Axiom Pro Multifunction Displays)
  • LightHouse version 3.3 (November 2017)
  • Lighthouse version 3.4 (February 2018)

Like our LightHouse II OS, Raymarine is committed to offering regular LightHouse 3 updates with new and expanded features, however the LightHouse release schedule above is subject to change.

A. Mobile apps support is coming to Axiom and LightHouse 3 with the release of LightHouse 3.1, in July. Watch your mobile device and be sure to download the latest versions of our apps which will be released into the app stores at the same time.

A. Raymarine is actively working with Navionics to deliver Dock to dock Autorouting before the end of the year.

A. LightHouse 3 and 3.1 support remote control of Rockford Fosgate head units only. We are planning to add control of FUSION marine stereo systems with LightHouse version 3.2, coming in September.

A. Two different sources of weather information are coming for LightHouse 3 and Axiom. The Theyr GRIB Viewer app is in development which offers worldwide weather data options. We are also working with our partner SiriusXM to deliver a new Marine Weather app for that service.

We expect to deliver both applications before the end of the year.

Every Axiom and Axiom Pro system has built-in Bluetooth wireless networking. We plan to activate it for use with select accessories like the RCU-3 remote later this year.

Raymarine is actively working on developing advanced sailing tools for LightHouse 3 including lay lines, start line management, race course builder, and more. We hope to release this Spring 2018.

Information for Owners of Older Products, Looking for LightHouse 3

A. Raymarine plans to offer the new LightHouse 3 operating system as an update to owners of select LightHouse II products. We expect to have this software available in November. Additional information about LightHouse II to LightHouse 3 upgrades will be made available soon.

Raymarine is targeting November 2017 for release of the LightHouse 3 update for select LightHouse II products. This release will happen at the same time we release LightHouse 3.3 for Axiom and Axiom Pro.

A. No. Some of Axiom and Axiom Pro’s features are created in software, and will be made available via update. Other Axiom features are dependent on the Axiom platform’s advanced hardware and won’t work on upgraded LightHouse II hardware.

For example, RealVision 3D Sonar is dependent on the new sonar hardware built into Axiom and Axiom Pro MFDs, and the appropriate transducer. If you don’t have that sonar hardware onboard your boat, you will not be able to access RealVision 3D on upgraded products.

Before upgrading from LightHouse II to LightHouse 3, be sure to thoroughly read the accompanying software release notes and feature list. We will provide a detailed listing and comparison of LightHouse II vs. LightHouse 3 features so you can decide whether the upgrade is right for you.

While it is our desire to offer as many LightHouse II features as possible in LightHouse 3, it may not be possible to accommodate 100% of them at launch. The provided release notes will help you to best decide if a LightHouse 3 upgrade is right for you.

Unfortunately, no. The minimum hardware and software requirements for both LightHouse II and Lighthouse 3 exceed the capabilities of these older platforms. No new updates will be issued for them.