Refurbished 4Kw Radome | Raymarine by FLIR

4kW 24" model shown above.

Refurbished Radome Antenna

4kW 18" & 24" Color Pedestal Assembly

Original Price: from $1,149.99

Refurbished Price: from $799.99

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Part number: E92130R

Description: 4kW 18" (456mm) Digital radome. No Cable


Part number: E92132R

Description: 4kW 24" (608mm) Digital Radome. No Cable


Part number: E52065R

Description: 4kW 18" (456mm) HD Color Radome. No Cable


Part number: E92143R

Description: 4kW 24" (608mm) HD Color Radome. No Cable


Marine Radome Antennas

Digital and HD Color Radomes are ideal when power is at a premium and mounting space is limited or restricted by rigging. Perfect for sailboats, RIBs and smaller powerboats, Radomes provide exceptional performance even in the most challenging conditions – new HD Color Radomes provide additional features and improved resolution.

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Key Features

  • Enhanced small target returns and eliminates clutter
  • 48 NM range
  • Plug and Play compatibility
  • Same mounting pattern as previous generation radomes
  • Utilizes small SeaTalkHS interconnect cable for ease of installation