Raymarine Handheld Thermal Night Vision Camera

TH24 and TH32 Series Handheld Camera 

Raymarine TH24 and TH32 Series Cameras




TH Series handheld camera new 

Key Features


  • Simple three-button operation
  • Rugged all-weather design
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight (336g)
  • Long-life rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • LED TaskLight
  • 24º x 18º field of view
  • 2x digital zoom (TH32 only)
  • IP-67 rated


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TH-Series Features and Controls

TH Series Controls 




What Raymarine Thermal Night Vision Cameras can do for you




Raymarine TH Series Thermal Cameras make pictures from heat, not light, helping you see landmarks, bridge abutments, and other vessels clearly in all light conditions from daylight to complete darkness.


Thermal night vision improves your ability to see rocks, buoys, floating debris, and even helps you find people in the water, vital when just a few minutes makes all the difference in the matter of survival.

Raymarine Thermal Camera Your vision  

Your Vision 


Raymarine Thermal camera vision bridge  

Raymarine Vision





Raymarine TH Series Range


The range at which Raymarine TH Series portable thermal night vision cameras detect objects is shown in the graphic below. However, actual object detection range performance may vary depending on the camera setup, environmental conditions and user experience.



Raymarine TH Series Thermal Handheld Camera Range 


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