NEW - FLIR M100 and M200 Cameras

M100 & M200 Software

Software download and update information for Raymarine M100 & M200 Thermal Camera products:

  • Applicable for: M100 & M200 Thermal Camera
  • Software Version: R1 Product: v1.13 / R2 Product: v2.04
  • Release Date: August 2017

 NEW - FLIR M100 and M200 Cameras  



Software for this product is only available via a Raymarine Service Center or a Raymarine Service Dealer. End user updating is not possible due to restrictions in the hardware and/or regulations.

To locate your nearest center please use the dealer locator




Operating Manual

Software History

Version Release Date Features


Boson bootloader = v11404

July 2017
  • Initial Release for products with the R2 BosonTM
    • v2.xx software is NOT compatible with R1 BosonTM products
  • Not released for in-field software updates
v1.13-280 May 2017
  • Final software release for R1 BosonTM products (this is not compatible with R2 BosonTM products)
v1.11-227 May 2017
  • Production Release only
v1.10-276 April 2017
  • Initial Release