Software for Raymarine AIS700

  • Software for: AIS700
  • Version: v1.06 (01.06.02)
  • Date Released: Oct 2018

Software History

Version Release Date Features
v1.06 Oct 2018
  • Corrects a timing issue where the AIS "No Sensor Position" alarm is enabled a short period after power up, even though the GPS fix is good.
  • Corrects the spurious UTC Sync. Alarm being generated during normal operation.
  • SART/MOB/EPIRB test messages are now output over the NMEA0183 serial port.
  • Inactive alarms are now not output over the NMEA0183 serial port.
v1.05 Aug 2018
  • Corrects a position shadowing issue where (under certain conditions) the vessels own AIS Target is displayed on the chart plotter.
Pro-AIS2 v1.10 Mar 2018
  • Updated to support the AIS700.
v1.03 Feb 2018
  • Initial Release