Raymarine VHF Radios


From compact VHF Radios to the ultimate all-in-one communications solution - we have a VHF Radio for every boater!


You'll always be heard loud and clear with a VHF radio from Raymarine. Whether it's our compact Ray50, full-sized Ray60, or multifunction Ray70, you can depend on your Raymarine VHF for years of trouble-free communication at sea.

Start exploring Raymarine VHF Radios:  

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 Ray50 iconRay50 - ultra compact VHF Radio

 Ray60-70 icon
Ray60 - full featured VHF Radio

 Ray60-70 icon
Ray70 - Multifunction Communications (VHF, AIS, Loudhailer & Intercom)




 Ray49 icon
Ray49 - ultra compact VHF Radio

 ray55 icon
Ray55 - full featured VHF Radio

 Ray218 icon
Ray218 - High Performance VHF Radio




 Ray260 icon
Ray260 - Modular VHF Radio





VHF Accessories

RayMic 2nd Station Kit