Raymarine VHF Radios

From compact VHF Radios to the ultimate all-in-one communications solution - we have a VHF Radio for every boater!

You'll always be heard loud and clear with a VHF Radio from Raymarine. Whether it's our compact Ray50, full-sized Ray60, or multifunction Ray70, you can depend on your Raymarine VHF Radio for years of trouble-free communication at sea.

Start exploring Raymarine VHF Radios:

Current VHF Radios

Ray50 VHF Radio | Raymarine

The Ray50 VHF packs a powerful communications system into a case that is small enough to mount just about anywhere.

Ray52 VHF Radio | Raymarine

With built-in GPS the compact Ray52 is DSC ready right out-of-the-box for enhanced safety, convenience and installation ease.

Ray60 VHF Radio | Raymarine

The Ray60 is a full-sized VHF radio that is packed with essential communications features every boater needs. Optional handset accessory.

Ray70 VHF Radio | Raymarine

The Ray70 from Raymarine is the ultimate all-in-one communications solution for Captains who demand the best. Ray70 features full-function VHF, loudhailer output, AIS receiver, and is dual-station capable with the optional RayMic accessory.

Ray260 VHF Radio | Raymarine

Premium VHF system with remote tranceiver, speaker, and handset. Built-in loudhailer/foghorn plus multi-station intercom capability. Available with an integrated AIS receiver.

RayMic | Raymarine

The Ray60 and Ray70 VHF Radios also support the optional second station RayMic handset for remote locations. This gives you full-function VHF and intercom capability from a second location onboard.

Legacy VHF Radios

Ray49 / Ray49E VHF Radio | Raymarine

The Ray49 and Ray49E are our most compact fixed mount DSC VHF radio. Ideal for smaller boats, they feature crystal clear audio and remote microphone controls.

Ray55 / Ray55E VHF Radio | Raymarine

A compact powerhouse, the Ray55 and Ray55E VHF radios offer performance and style. Expand with the powerful RayMic remote handset.

Ray218 VHF Radio | Raymarine

The Ray218 and Ray218E come packed full of features including Dual Channel Display and programmable favourite channel soft keys.