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Radome or Open Array? Not sure? Our Radome versus Open Array comparison table may help you decide.


Technology and software - what's the difference? Raymarine has 3 different types of radar antenna


  • Digital - 8 color resolution
  • HD Color - 256 color resolution
  • SHD Color - 256 color resolution

256 color


Raymarine Digital and HD Digital Radomes

Raymarine Open Array Radar

Raymarine Digital and HD Color Radome Radar

Raymarine HD Color and Super HD Color Open Array Scanners




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Discover more about Raymarine Radars, their ease of use and unmatched performance with our radar help pages.



Raymarine Open Array and Radome with radar background

Raymarine Radar Features

Features Raymarine HD Digital vs Super HD Digital Radar


Raymarine Open Array with sky background  

Radome or Open Array?

Raymarine Radar Features

Digital, HD Color and

Super HD Color Explained

Important Radar Information