Raymarine eSeries Specifications

General Specifications


eSeries Dimensions

Dimensions in mm

  A   B   C   D   E  
e7 / e7D    233  145  64  160  180
e95 / e97    290  173  64  160  212
e125 / e127    354  222  69  160  256
e165    426  282  89  176.6  295
Nominal voltage  
12v / 24v DC
(e7/e7D: 13.8v DC)
Operating voltage range  
10.8 - 31.2v DC
(e7/e7D: 10.2 - 15.6v DC)
Power consumption at full brightness  
e7: 10 W  |  e7D: 13.8 W
e95/e97: 16 W maximum
e125/e127: 36W maximum
e165: 45 W maximum
Viewing angles  
e7/e7D: 70° left/right and 70°/50° top/bottom
e95/e97/e125/e127: 80° left/right and 80°/60° top/bottom
e165: 80° left/right and 70°/70° top/bottom
Screen resolution


e7/e7D/e95/e97: 800 x 480 pixels 
e125/e127/e165: 1280 x 800 pixels 
e7: 1.465kg (3.23lb  |  e7D: 1.550kg (3.42lb)
e95: 2.165kg (4.77lb)    |  e97: 2.265kg (4.99lb)
e125: 3.320kg (7.32lb)  |  e127: 3.450kg (7.6lb)
e165: 5.6kg (12.3lb) 
up to 8 displays plus sensors    
Mounting options

Surface mount. Trunnion mount with optional bracket

Operating temperature -25° to 55°C (13° to 131°F)
Waterproofing  IPX6 and IPX7


SeaTalkhs (Network) Connectivity  e7/e7D: 1x SeaTalkhs port. 100Mbits/s. RayNet type
e95/e97/e125/e127/e165: 2x SeaTalkhs ports. 100Mbits/s. RayNet type
NMEA2000 Connectivity  1x SeaTalkng connector 
NMEA0183 Connectivity  1x Input and output, 1x input only (4800/38,400 Baud) 
Wireless Connectivity  WiFi: 802.11 b/g; Bluetooth: AVRCP 2.1+EDR power class 1.5 
Video  All displays have x1 BNC (female) composite video input connector (PAL/NTSC formats).
e95, e97, e125, e127 & e165 displays have a second BNC input plus x1 VGA output via accessory cable (sold separately).
Support for IP cameras.

GPS and Cartography

GPS   Built-in 50 channels; WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS. (e165 requires external GPS sensor)

Worldwide base map for non cartography variants. Navionics ready-to-navigate in all other variants. LightHouse Vector and Raster Charts available to download for free here.

Sonar (available on e7D, e97 and e127)


ClearPulse with 50/83/200 kHz operating frequencies up to 600W RMS. Sonar transducer port.

In the box

Typical box contents   cSeries and eSeries In the Box 

  1 Sun Cover
  2 Front bezel
  3 Multifunction Display
  4 Gasket
  5 Fixings for surface mounting
  6 Documentation pack
  7 Power and data cable
  8 Trunnion bracket kit (e7 only - not illustrated)