Raymarine's ClearPulse CHIRP Technology


CP450C with new e Series MFD


ClearPulse CHIRP Sonar Technology


 ClearPulse screen and logo   

Key Features

  • Patented ClearPulse digital sonar technology.
  • Sharper, well defined echoes.
  • Cleaner, noise-free display with enhanced inter-ping processing and comparison data.
  • Better shallow water, bottom tracking and thermocline recognition thanks to improved signal to noise ratios, reverb and interference rejection.
  • Surpasses conventional sonar with accurate performance from 2 to 10,000ft (dependent on transducer used).



ClearPulse CHIRP Technology - How it works



Conventional sonar modules transmit and listen to at a single frequency with each pulse.


CHIRP transmissions allow more sonar power to penetrate the water – in fact x10 more power when compared to conventional sonar modules. ClearPulse CHIRP technology takes advantage of a wide spectrum of sonar signals to deliver amazing detail and accuracy.


   Conventional sonar 

ClearPulse sonar 


Conventional Sonar

Listens to a single frequency


CHIRP listens to a wider spectrum





See the difference! 

 Conventional detail


 ClearPulse View

Conventional Sonar

Targets can merge into one target


ClearPulse (CHIRP)

ClearPulse CHIRP reveals much greater detail