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  • Applicable for: aSeries, cSeries, eSeries, gS Series
  • Software Version: v9.45
  • Release Date: March 2014
  • Replaces: v1.11, v2.10, v3.15, v4.26, v4.27, v4.32, v5.24, v5.27, v6.27, v7.27, v7.35, 7.43, 8.49, 8.52, v9.40


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This firmware update process is done at your own risk. Before initiating the update process be sure to backup and make copies of all important files.

If the firmware process is interrupted your product may not function properly, therefore do not interrupt the process and ensure the unit is on a reliable power supply. Damage caused by incomplete upgrades will not be covered by Raymarine warranty.

By Downloading the software, you agree to these terms.





Software History



Release Date

v9.45 March 2014
  • Addresses a NMEA communication issue between the Mercury Helm Gateway with version 3.0.0 or earlier and Raymarine Multifunction display with LightHouse II version 9.40

  • Fix for incorrect range synchronization between chart & radar application

  • Fix for speed of Zero displayed when a CP100 & no speed transducer fitted

  • Fix Italian & Norwegian language issue on Limitations of Use screen

v9.40 Jan 2014
  • Raymarine Lighthouse Chart Support
  • Redesigned User Interface
  • Chart Data selection
  • Navionics Sonar Chart support
  • Navionics Freshest Data reminder
  • Multitouch support for a Series multifunction displays
  • Reorganization and Renaming of Menu items and structure
  • Autohide Databar
  • Increase of Waypoints (3000 Total, 100 Groups), Routes (150 containing 200 WTPs), Tracks (15 Tracks - 10000 points)
  • GPX file formation support
  • Waypoint Symbols
  • Symbol Search
  • Waypoint area search
  • Multiple Sonar selection
  • Distance unit setup (ability to set upper and lower denominations separately)
  • Expanded ETA & TTG data items
  • Expanded support of PGN 127489 (Engine alarms)
  • Added DSC support over SeaTalkNG/NMEA2000
  • Support for 8 displays (originally was 6)
  • Sonar app - In absence of speed transducer system defaults to 'NONE' rather than default previously
  • Various fixes and improvements
  • User manual updated
Dec 2013
  • ECI100 improvements
v8.49 Sept 2013  
v7.43 Aug 2013
  • Support for CP100/CP300 Sonar Modules
  • Various Performance improvements
  • Speed transducers selection
  • Navionics mSD chart card information
  • Updated internal User manual
v7.35 July 2013
  • Autopilot Control/Evolution Support
  • Data Application Update
  • IP Camera Record and Playback
  • T200 Camera Integration and UI Controls
  • Expanded Boat Details Options
  • Fuel Manager - Additional PGN Support
  • User Selectable Start-up App Page
  • User Manual Added to Home Screen
  • Support for RMK-9 (gS Series) Keypad
  • Additional Language Support - Bulgarian

Please note, in this release the ability to connect to legacy MFDs (E Series Wide and G Series) has been removed.  It is recommended if this is your current configuration that you do not update to version 7.35 and remain at version 6.27.  If you have updated to version 7.35 you can download version 6.27 below


Feb 2013
  • New Home screen with new icons
  • Fusion-Link 700 Series integration
  • Sirius Audio user interface (US only)      


Dec 2012

  • Solution for the internal sonar module to be directly connected to a 1kW transducer (600w Output Only)


Oct 2012

  • Fuel Management
  • Expanded Engine Data and Alarms
  • Document and Photo viewer (view your product manuals on your MFD)
  • Thermal Camera Slew-to-cue integration
  • IP Camera Support
  • Ability to view NMEA 0183/SeaTalkng data statistics and buffer as well as save to mSD card
  • Support for multiple thermal camera JCUs
  • Thermal cameras OSD menu options now available directly from Thermal Camera application’s menu
  • Video application now called Camera application
  • Ability to automatically cycle through available video/camera feeds in the Camera application
  • Support for up to 5 engines in the Data application
  • Improved engine data selection in the Data application
  • Support for detailed engine warning alarms
  • Addition of Demo Video mode for retail
  • On Screen Zoom keys added to Sirius Weather App (North America only)


Oct 2012

  • Support for e165


Aug 2012

  • Fixes error in v4.26 in regards to bearing 


Aug 2012


IMPORTANT NOTE: This software version was recalled

  • Addition of on-screen range controls to the Chart & Radar applications
  • Addition of on-screen Gain, Rain & Sea controls to Radar application
  • Addition of on-screen Gain & TVG controls to Sonar application
  • Addition of slider bar control adjustment
  • Addition of new numeric adjustment controls
  • Improved Power Key shortcuts to Brightness and Capture Screen image options


Apr 2012

  • Added support for Raymarine CP450C CHIRP Sonar Module
  • Added support for AIS feature support for STEDS EAIS integration & display of SAR aircraft & SART devices
  • Added limited support for Sirius Marine Weather Module
  • Added Standby / PowerSave Mode
  • Added support for RayRemote and RayControl Applications
  • Enhanced home screen customize option permitting 9 and 12 inch MFDs to view up to 4 applications on a single page
  • Default Fuel data page added
  • Added Arabic language support
  • Inclusion of Remote Upgrade Utility to permit the upload of software to peripheral Raymarine products using SeaTalkng / SeaTalkhs  
  • Display of Aids To Navigation (AToNs) AIS targets when data received on either SeaTalkng or NMEA 0183
  • Added 1kW transducer support added to MFDs featuring internal ClearPulse Digital Sounder circuitry, transducer output limited to 600W
  • Corrected the ability to select Tide and/or Current Station using the Find Nearest feature
  • Added NMEA 0183 & SeaTalkng data monitors to the diagnostics features
  • Increased touch area for Alarm pop-ups and Back buttons


Feb 2012

  • Cartography redraw performance has been improved when sharing cartography via the SeaTalkhs/RayNet network
  • Added support to display fuel flow rate
  • Addition of NMEA 0183 and SeaTalkng data buffer diagnostics
  • Improvements to databar customization
  • Ability to manually change the aspect ratio of the Video application


Dec 2011