Raymarine SeaTalkng Connections


Interconnection Bus for Raymarine Products


SeaTalkng is an interconnection bus for Raymarine products. Small diameter cable connectors are used throughout the system to make installation easier.


There's a wide range of cable lengths, all with over-moulded plugs, so there is no need to cut or splice cables. Spur cables connect individual SeaTalkng products to the SeaTalkng backbone.


 SeaTalk ng Networking diagram 


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Whether you are looking to expand your current SeaTalkng system, update your electronics suite or completely refit, it couldn’t be easier with SeaTalkng.





Color-coded cables


Cables and connectors are color-coded for easy system identification and have quick-connect (push-fit, twist-lock) waterproof (IPx6) plugs and sockets.


  • Backbone cables, plugs, sockets and terminators are coded blue.
  • Spur cables, plugs, and sockets are coded white.
  • SeaTalk to SeaTalkng converter cables, plugs and sockets are coded yellow.
  • SeaTalkng power cables are coded red.


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Transducer signals are easily converted to SeaTalkng with the iTC-5 component.


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Converting Sea Talk1 to SeaTalkng


Specific Raymarine products (e.g. ST70 instruments) perform a bridging function, to enable you to connect SeaTalkng to SeaTalk1 products via appropriate adaptor cables.


Discover more about the SeaTalkng to SeaTalk1 converter kit 


Adaptor cables are also available to connect NMEA2000 products.

ST1 to STNG(1)    







SeaTalkng comprises a single backbone terminated with two terminators, one at each end. Spur cables connect the backbone to individual SeaTalkng products.


Small diameter cable connectors are used throughout the system to make installations easier. Cables and connectors are color-coded to reduce the likelihood of misconnection.



Typical SeaTalk NG network 

The SeaTalkng Backbone kit contains everything you need to construct and wire a basic SeaTalkng navigation network backbone on board your vessel.  The kit contains the following components: 

  • A06031 SeaTalkng Terminators (Qty. 2) 
  • A06037 Backbone Cable, 65.62ft (20m) 
  • A06036 Backbone Cable, 16.4ft (5m) (Qty. 2) 
  • A06028 T-Piece (Qty. 4) 
  • A06049 Network Power Cable 
  • 81300 SeaTalkng Reference Manual 



Note: ST70 Displays, transducer pods, transducers and network spurs are not included.