Raymarine VHF Radio Communications


Raymarine VHF Radio Communications 


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If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself having to make a mayday call, the last thing you need is extra complication. Making a DSC distress call is simple with Raymarine's DSC equipped VHF radios.



Raymarine VHF Radio Communications on dash 


Just press the button, clearly marked in the back of the handset or front panel of the radio, and GPS position and time information are transmitted in a digital 'packet' complete with the vessel's Maritime Mobile Service Identification (MMSI) telling other ships and shore stations exactly where you are and that you are in a distress situation.



This simple procedure can dramatically increase your chance of a successful rescue compared to a traditional Mayday voice call.






What is DSC?


Digital Selective Calling (DSC) is a global protocol that uses channel 70 (156.525 MHz) to transmit and receive digital messages. It works on DSC equipped VHF radios and is used for individual, 'all ships' and distress calls. DSC also enables you to selectively alert single or multiple boaters of incoming VHF calls by using stored MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identification) numbers, similar to making a phone call.


You can also 'poll' another boat to obtain its GPS position and display it on a Raymarine multifunction display.


Raymarine VHF Radio Communications 






Raymarine VHF Product Options


Raymarine Ray218E high performance VHF Radio   

Fixed mount: Raymarine Ray218E high performance VHF Radio


The Ray218E is Raymarine's premier fixed mount VHF radio with a long list of standard features. The Ray218E can be expanded with the optional Raymic remote handset that offers full function radio control and intercom from a remote on board station.




Fixed mount: Raymarine Ray55E full featured compact VHF Radio


A compact powerhouse, the Ray55E VHF radio offers performance and style. Expand the Ray55E with the powerful Raymic remote handset.

  Raymarine Ray55E full featured compact VHF Radio 




Raymarine Ray49E ultra compact VHF Radio   

Fixed mount: Raymarine Ray49E ultra compact VHF Radio


The Ray49E VHF is our most compact fixed mount DSC VHF radio. Ideal for smaller boats, the Ray49E features crystal clear audio and remote microphone controls.




Raymarine RayMic Handset   

Raymarine RayMic Handset


Optional handset for Raymarine Ray218E and Raymarine Ray55E VHF radios providing a complete hand-held, full-function, second station or an intercom handset.




Now retired: Raymarine Ray430 Loudhailer


Ahoy there! The Raymarine Ray430 loudhailer has eight foghorn signals, including an automatic foghorn when underway. Connect it to a vessel security system for an extra loud alarm siren if a sensor is activated, or add up to four remote intercom stations for complete onboard communications. Thirty watts of output power means you will be loud and clear!

  Raymarine Ray430 Loudhailer