Raymarine AIS Comparison

Raymarine AIS350 Receiver 
Raymarine AIS650 Transceiver 

Raymarine AIS350 Receiver


Raymarine AIS650 Transceiver


Transmitter type Listen only AIS receiver Class B AIS transceiver
Receivers 2 Receivers
Transmitter - 1 transmitter
Compatible with

Raymarine G Series Multifunction Navigation

Raymarine E Series Widescreen Multifunction Displays

Raymarine C Series Widescreen Multifunction Displays

New Raymarine e Series

New Raymarine c Series

Operating Voltage 9.6V - 31.2V DC

Power Consumption


9.88 ounces
(280 grams)
10.05 ounces
(285 grams)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
6.6in x 3.9in x 2.1in
(167mm x 96mm x 54 mm)


AIS 350 & 650   AIS

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New AIS100 Splitter


AIS100 Splitter


 Share a single VHF antenna with a Class B AIS transceiver (or Class A & B AIS receivers) and a VHF radio telephone.


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