This FAQ relates to the following products:

A Series -  A50, A50D, A57, A57D, A70, A70D 

C Series Classic - C70, C80, C120

E Series Classic - E80, E120
C Series Wide - C90w, C120w, C140w
E Series Wide - E90w, E120w, E140w

The following procedure addresses how one would populate a CF memory card with software update files for the ASeries, C Series Classic, E Series Classic, C Series Wide and E Series Wide Multifunction Displays (MFDs) and then use this CF memory card to update the MFD's sofware. Please note that product software updates may revert some MFD configuration settings back to the MFD's default settings. As such, it is recommended that customers make note of the MFD's configuration settings so that they may be used to reconfigure the MFD's settings after the MFD's software has been updated.

Populating a CF Memory Card with the MFD Software

  1. Insert a compatible CompactFlash (CF) memory card into the computer's CF memory card reader or into a CF memory card reader which has been interfaced to the computer.
  2. Select the appropriate software download for your product from HERE
  3. Upon completion of the download, click on the downloaded file to open it
  4. Copy all files to the Root of the Compact Flash card (Root is the first level you access when selecting the Compact Flash).  Make sure the files are not in any folders on the card

    For example, if your computer has assigned Removable Disk (E:) to your CF memory card reader/writer, then the software update files (i.e. the DOB and PKG files alone) should be copied directly to Removable Disk (E:), not to any folders created on the CF memory card.

  5. Remove the CF memory card from the computer's CF memory card reader.

Backing Up Your Waypoints, Routes and Tracks

It will be necessary to reset the MFD as the final step in the process of updating it. This procedure WILL erase any of the waypoints, routes and tracks that are currently stored within the MFD.

To backup your data before upgrading, please follow the steps outlined HERE

The steps for restoring this data to the MFD are also contained in this same FAQ.

Note: one may use a single CF memory card to both backing up the data within one’s MFD as well as for performing the software update. When using this CF memory card for backing up the data within one’s MFD, be certain to not insert the CF memory card into the MFD’s CF memory card reader/writer until the MFD has been powered up and has completed its startup initialization.

Update the MFD's Software

  1. Power OFF the MFD.
  2. Insert the CF memory card containing the software update files into the MFD’s memory card reader.
  3. Power ON the MFD.
  4. After the MFD has booted to its Raymarine Software Upgrade Utility screen, select the software upgrade package from the Upgrade Packages Available list.
  5. Press the UPGRADE THIS UNIT function key.
  6. When the progress indicator's Overall bar reaches 100%, the MFD's software will have been upgraded.
  7. Remove the CF memory card from the MFD's memory card reader.
  8. Press MFD's red power button to power OFF the MFD.
  9. Press and hold the first (Left Hand) softkey on the MFD.  Keeping the softkey held down, press the red power button to power ON the MFD.  This will perform a reset of the unit.  Do not skip this step.
    The unit will notify you that the reset has completed after the count down by a beep.  You can now release the softkey.

    Note: C Wide and E Wide displays differ to the above and will take you to a menu screen to perform the reset.  Select the Reset option in this menu and wait until it completes and then reboot the display.

  10. Verify that the MFD's software has been updated.
    • The MFD's software version may be verified via the command sequence MENU->SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS->SOFTWARE SERVICES->UNIT INFO; Inspect the item labeled APP VERSION
  11. Restore your Waypoints, Routes and Tracks using the instructions HERE