Raymarine S1000 Inboard Autopilot with Wireless Remote Control


Raymarine S1000 Inboard Autopilot


The Raymarine S1000 autopilot is for powerboats with a Seastar hydraulic system or other balanced hydraulic system. Complete with everything needed for easy installation*, the Raymarine S1000 Inboard Autopilot is quick to fit and simple to use. No added complications from electronic compass or rudder reference transducers – the Raymarine S1000 Inboard Autopilot doesn't need them.


Control the Raymarine S1000 autopilot with the Raymarine S100 wireless remote; simply steer on to your desired heading, press PILOT to engage the pilot into auto and off you go. To adjust your heading at any time, simply press the port/starboard arrow keys until the heading you want is displayed. To disengage the pilot, press STANDBY – that's all there is to it!


Raymarine S1000 Inboard Autopilot with Wireless Remote Connections  

Raymarine S1000 Inboard Autopilot Features

  • A 'back to basics' point and shoot autopilot
  • Designed for balanced hydraulic systems
  • No electronic compass or rudder reference transducer needed
  • NMEA input from handheld or fixed GPS/Navigator/Plotter is required
  • Built-in fishing patterns include cloverleaf, zig-zag and circle
  • Troll at speeds as low as 1 knot (subject to environmental conditions) - operation below 2.5kts cannot be guaranteed, as adverse wind and tide conditions could prevail.
  • Can be linked to kicker motor
  • SeaTalk GPS/Plotter compatible


In the Box

  • Installation video – watch before you fit
  • Wireless S100 handheld controller with lanyard, belt clip and two storage cradles
  • Easy-install S1000 course computer
  • Hydraulic pump supplied pre-assembled with swaged hydraulic hoses
  • Bleed kit: oil, container, gloves, wrenches and connectors


*The S1000 Autopilot requires input from a GPS Antenna. If you do not have an existing GPS take a look at the Raystar125


Fishing Patterns


The Raymarine S1000 Inboard Autopilot incorporates a number of dedicated fishing patterns. Patterns include: Cloverleaf, Zig Zag and Circle.

  Raymarine S1000 Inboard Autopilot Fishing Patterns

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