Raymarine CP300 Digital Network Sonar Module 

 CP300 with e12   


Digital Sonar for your Raymarine Network.


The CP300 Digital sonar module is for anglers looking to step up to more power and offshore performance. 



With up to 1000 watts of output power the CP300 is the ideal sonar for coastal anglers that make the occasional foray offshore.


Using Raymarine's exclusive digital ClearPulse sonar processing technology the CP300 features a dual-frequency (50/200 kHz) transceiver with up to 1kW of transmit power, and is capable of imaging fish and bottom structure to depth as deep as 5,000 feet/ 1524m.


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Cleaner Target Returns


CP300 is equipped with Raymarine's next generation 16-bit digital receiver with greater sensitivity and noise filtering than ever before. This all new digital sonar design delivers enhanced depth performance, improved fish and bait-school detection and noticeably cleaner target returns than on previous generation products. CP300's transmitter offers longer pulse lengths and faster ping rates and it is also a shallow-water performer, capable of bottom detection and tracking in water as shallow as 2 feet/ 0.61m.



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  • Ideal for anglers looking for enhanced performance above and beyond the built-in sonar option on Raymarine multifunction displays.


  • Dual frequency sonar. 200kHz for coastal fishing and 50kHz for offshore


  • Automatically adjusts and adapts for a clear image of fish and bottom structure in depths of up to 5000'


  • Compatible with a broad range of 600 watt (Americas only) and 1000 watt transducers. Including in-hull, transom mount, and through-hull options.
    NOTE: CE Compliant units require 1000 watt transducers View options 


  • Compatible with Raymarine’s current a, c, e & gS Series MFDs, as well as legacy Raymarine E Series Classic, C Series Widescreen and E Series Widescreen displays (legacy display compatibility will require v3.28 software update)


  CP300 Upright  




Compatibility with legacy multifunction displays  

To ensure CP300 compatibility with legacy and the latest generation multifunction displays please make sure to upgrade your CP300 to version 3.28 or higher


View more and download software update here