Top of the range, powerful thermal night vision systems


The Raymarine T800 and T900 are the most technologically advanced thermal night vision systems available to the maritime industry today.


The T800 offers a thermal imaging camera equipped with an uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) detector producing thermal images of 640 x 480 pixels whilst the T900 is a powerful, gyro-stabilised multi-sensor, long range, thermal night vision system which includes a cooled midwave, high-resolution 640 x 512 pixel thermal camera.


T800 and T900


Key Features


  • Pan/tilt: all versions can pan 360º continuously and tilt +/- 90º
  • Gyro-stabilisation: provides steady imagery, even in rough seas
  • Radar tracking: identify and track specified radar returns
  • Video tracker: select a given target for automatic tracking
  • Picture-in Picture (PIP): two sensors can be shown on a single display
  • Zoom: continuous optical zoom on the thermal image allows a closer look at objects which are far away
    • T800 zooms between a 24.5º and a 4º field of view
    • T900 has a 14x optical zoom between a 28º and a 2º field of view.
  • Installation: cameras can be installed base down or base up





Your T800 or T900 thermal camera offers:


Superior FLIR thermal imaging technology.
As the worldwide leader in thermal technology, FLIR systems are the choice of military and law enforcement professionals.


Ease of use.
As simple as watching and controlling your TV.


Day and night operation.
Thermal imaging camera systems are amazing at night, but are also just as effective at seeing through bright sun, glare, haze and more.


The best man-overboard detection.
If one of your crew should fall overboard, a Raymarine thermal camera is your best bet in low visibility to find and track them so you can quickly get them back on board

Thermal Images



T800 and T900 Thermal Camera Versions


Thermal Camera Versions











Visible Colour

Thermal Imaging

Low Light Black and
White Camera

Wide Field of View Uncooled
640 x 480 Thermal Imaging Camera


Large bullet

Uncooled 640x480



Large bullet

Large bullet



Large bullet

Cooled 640x512



Large bullet

Large bullet



Large bullet

Large bullet

Large bullet

Equipment described herein may require US Government authorization for export purposes. Diversion contrary to US law is prohibited.
The Raymarine thermal cameras with an image frequency greater than 9Hz may require government authorization for export / re-export, or transfer. Please contact our Global Trade Compliance Group for details.