Raymarine Digital Sounder Module Screens


DSM30 with screenshot 


Raymarine Sonar Features





  • Raymarine's patented HD Digital sonar technology using a remotely mounted Digital Sounder Module
  • Hands-free HD Digital technology automatically adjusts more than 220 sonar parameters per second and virtually eliminates clutter
  • HD Digital adaptive receiver technology precisely targets fish and bottom structure with amazing clarity
  • Bottom lock, A-Scope and Zoom modes
  • Auto adaptive control of sensitivity, ping rate and transmit power
  • Four sonar presets for one touch access to your favorite views of split screen, frequency, zoom, bottom lock and more

Raymarine Digital Sounder Module Sonar









Raymarine Sonar Digital Sounder Module DSM individual targets



Target Fish


Thanks to HD Digital technology, anglers can easily identify individual species of fish and their habitat at a glance. The adaptive digital receiver of the Raymarine Digital Sounder Module enables anglers to easily distinguish bait fish from larger species.



Raymarine Sonar Digital Sounder Module DSM A-Scope

See fish and the seabed in real time – A-Scope technology instantaneously displays the echoes found in the transducer's acoustic beam. Using the patented bottom coverage feature, you can easily see the size of the area of seabed being covered by the transducer cone.









Bottom Lock and Auto Zoom


Bottom lock has the unique ability to smooth out the seabed presentation and is extremely useful if you are looking for fish that live close to the ocean floor. It gives greater magnification of fish echo returns directly above the seabed, helping you differentiate structure from fish.



Raymarine Sonar Digital Sounder Module DSM bottom lock


Use the auto zoom to help you find fish and their habitat close to the bottom, or select manual zoom for a detailed view of fish closer to the surface. Pinpoint fish echoes with x2, x3 and x4 zoom magnification.

Raymarine Sonar Digital Sounder Module DSM zoom









Raymarine Sonar Digital Sounder Module DSM eliminate clutter



Eliminate Clutter and View the Sea Bed with Amazing Clarity


HD Digital eliminates surface clutter for superior performance.


Raymarine Sonar Digital Sounder Module DSM view the sea bed

HD Digital enables you to view the sea bed clearly and in great detail.