Raymarine's Flat Rate Repair Schedule

Extending the best service in the business and providing further peace of mind

Do you have an out-of-warranty Raymarine product in need of repair? Raymarine's US Factory Service Center has the knowledge, skills and parts to get your product functioning like new.

Raymarine offers factory repair of the models summarized below. Proces include complete repair to current specifications and domestic ground shipment back to the customer. Overnight and international return shipping is available for an additional fee. Please contact Raymarine for alternative shipping methods and corresponding charges.

Flat Rate Repair Schedule for Out-of-Warranty Products in North America:

Note: The Flat Rate Repair prices listed below are intended as a worst case scenario for repairable products. With that, it is at the judgment of Raymarine, Inc. if the unit is too badly damaged to be economically repaired. Examples of this could include, but are not limited to product damaged by; Lightning strikes, Sunken boats, Severe physical damage, Parts obsolescence. In these cases, Raymarine reserves the right to return the product without repair, or offering a replacement alternative.

The information contained in this price list is correct to the best of our knowledge. However, the Raymarine policy of continuous improvement and updating may change product information and pricing without prior notice. Therefore, changes to this price list may occur from time to time, for which liability cannot be accepted by Raymarine.

Part Number Description Flat Rate

Automatic Identification System Components (AIS)

E32157 AIS350 Receiver $250.00
E32158 AIS650 Class B Transceiver $400.00

Autopilot Components and Accessories

A12004 ST1000+ Tiller Pilot $225.00
A12005 ST2000+ Tiller Pilot $300.00
E12093 ST4000 Mk2 Wheel Drive Unit $275.00
E12169 S1000 Course Computer $225.00
E12196 ST70 Autopilot Control Head $350.00
E12198 SPX-10 Course Computer $575.00
E12199 SPX-30 Course Computer $975.00
E12200 SPX-CAN Course Computer $975.00
E12205 SPX-SOL Course Computer $800.00
E15023 Wireless Smart Controller $225.00
E15024 S100 Wireless remote $175.00
E22166 p70 Color Autopilot Control Head $350.00
E22167 p70R Color Autopilot Control Head $350.00
M81105 Rotary Rudder Reference Transducer $110.00
M81120 Type 1 Hydraulic Reversing Pump, 12V DC $400.00
M81121 Type 2 Hydraulic Reversing Pump, 12V DC $400.00
M81130 Linear Drive, Type 1 Short Stroke, 12V DC $575.00
M81131 Linear Drive, Type 2 Short Stroke, 12V DC $675.00
M81132 Linear Drive, Type 2 Long Stroke, 12V DC $675.00
M81135 Rotary Drive, Type 1, 12V DC $575.00
M81136 Rotary Drive, Type 2, 12V DC $625.00
M81188 Linear Rudder Feedback Unit, Outboard, 12 Inch $110.00
M81190 Fluxgate Compass Transducer $75.00
N018 I/O Drive Module Assembly $575.00
R18151 SPX-5 Course Computer $350.00

Fishfinders and Digital Sounder Modules

E70297 CP370 Sounder Module $350.00
E70298 CP470 Sounder Module $600.00

Marine Cameras and Video Accessories

E03007 CAM100 Marine Camera $350.00
E03016 CAM50 Color Dome Camera $110.00

Multifunction Displays

E02042 GPM400 Multifunction Display $2,250.00
E62111 C90W Multifunction Display $1,025.00
E62113 C120W Multifunction Display $1,400.00
E62115 C140W Multifunction Display $1,850.00
E62220 E90W Multifunction Display $1,525.00
E62223 E120W Multifunction Display $1,850.00
E62226 E140W Multifunction Display $2,375.00

Radar Scanners and Components

E52069 4kW HD Digital Open Array Pedestal $1,500.00
E52069E 4kW HDE Digital Open Array Pedestal Enhanced $1,500.00
E52081 4kW SHD Digital Open Array Pedestal $1,500.00
E52081E 4kW SHDE Digital Open Array Pedestal Enhanced $1,500.00
E52082 12kW SHD Digital Open Array Pedestal $1,800.00
E52082E 12kW SHDE Digital Open Array Pedestal Enhanced $1,800.00
E52091 VCM100 Voltage Converter Module for Open-Array Scanners $170.00
E92130 4kW 18" Digital Radome $675.00
E92132 4kW 24" Digital Radome $1,075.00
E92142 4kW 18" HD Digital Radome $1,125.00
E92143 4kW 24" HD Digital Radome $1,350.00
E92160E 12kW HDE Digital Open Array Pedestal Enhanced $1,800.00
R92124 4kW HD Digital Core $900.00
R92125 4kW SHD Digital Core $900.00
R92127 12kW SHD Digital Core $1,250.00
R92174 4kW HDE Digital Core Enhanced $900.00
R92175 4kW SHDE Digital Core $900.00
R92176 12kW HDE Digital Core Enhanced $1,250.00
R92177 12kW SHDE Digital Core Enhanced $1,250.00

Satellite Television Antenna System Components

E42170 33 STV Antenna $1,125.00
E93013-2 45 STV Antenna $1,850.00
E93014 60 STV Antenna $2,600.00
E93017 37 STV Antenna $1,400.00
R08255 60 STV ACU $600.00
R08319 37 ACU $500.00
R42175 33 STV ACU $375.00
R42189 45 ACU $600.00

SeaTalk High Speed Networking Components
SeaTalk Instruments and Accessories

E22067 ST290/ST70 Active Depth Pod $150.00
E22069 ST290/ST70 Active Speed Pod $150.00
E22105 ST70 Multifunction Color Display $350.00
E22115 ST70 Plus Color Instrument Display $675.00
E22116 ST70 Plus Instrument Keypad $225.00
E22158 SeaTalk1 to SeaTalkNG Converter Kit $75.00
E22172 i70 Multifunction Color Instrument Display $350.00
E70010 iTC-5 Instrument Transducer Converter $150.00
E70058 i50 Speed Instrument Display $225.00
E70059 i50 Depth Instrument Display $225.00
E70060 i50 Tridata Instrument Display $225.00
E70061 i60 Wind Instrument Analog Display $225.00
E70062 i60 Close Hauled Wind Instrument Analog Display $225.00
E70063 i40 Speed Instrument Display $125.00
E70064 i40 Depth Instrument Display $125.00
E70065 i40 Wind Instrument Display $125.00
E70066 i40 Bidata Instrument Display $125.00
R28170 Short Arm Masthead Wind Transducer $185.00
R28171 Long Arm Masthead Wind Transducer $350.00
Z195 Rotavecta Wind Transducer $185.00

VHF Radio and Communications Products

E42001 Ray 240 VHF Radio $275.00
E43003 Ray 215 VHF Radio $175.00
E43007 Ray 230 VHF Radio/Loudhailer w/DTMF $275.00
E43013 Ray 230 VHF Radio/Loudhailer $275.00
E43020 Ray 48 VHF Radio (white) $110.00
E43021 Ray 48 VHF Radio (black) $110.00
E43026 Ray 101 Handheld VHF Radio $110.00
E43032 Ray 218 VHF/Hailer $225.00
E43034 Ray 49 VHF Radio $110.00
E43036 Ray 55 VHF Radio $175.00
E45001 Ray 240 Full Function 2nd Station Kit $175.00
E45009 Ray 240 Full Function Handset $175.00
E46019/E46020 Ray 215 & Ray 230 Full Function Handset $175.00
E46021 Ray 215 & Ray 230 Full Function 2nd Station Kit $175.00
M95997A Ray 430 Loudhailer $275.00

Terms and Conditions

  • All items are subject to a bench test fee of up to $90.00 per unit. This fee will be applied to approved repairs.
  • All prices are subjecty to change without prior notice.
  • For repair of models not listed here, please contact our Product Support team at (603) 324-7900.

To obtain a repair under this agreement:

  1. Locate the product you would like to have repaired to determine the flat rate repair cost.
  2. Include with your unit a note providing:
    1. Your product name and serial number.
    2. A detailed description of the problem you are experiencing.
    3. A daytime contact telephone number. In the event we have a question or concern, we will attempt to contact you at this number.
    4. Your complete return shipping address. Please provide a valid street address. We can not ship to P.O. Boxes.
  3. Please specify the method of payment by providing a valid credit card numner, expiration date, cardholder's name and billing address. Raymarine accepts Visa or Mastercard only for credit card payments. Alternatively, you can provide a check in the amount indicated.
  4. Please package your product to protect it from damage during shipment. You should ship your package with a carrier that can provide you package tracking. Raymarine is not responsible for lost or damaged shipments.
  5. Please ship your unit to:

    Raymarine Repair Center
    9 Townsend West
    Nashua, NH 03063 USA

    Phone: (603) 324-7900