Radome or Open Array Radar Antenna?

When building a Raymarine Radar System you have your choice of either Open Array or Closed Radome scanner. Both Radomes and Open Arrays are fully compatible with every multifunction display and deliver unparalleled performance.

  Radome Antennas | Raymarine Open Array Scanner | Raymarine
Radar Type Raymarine Digital and HD Color Radomes Raymarine HD Color & Super HD Color
Open Array Radar
Compatible with gS-Series Glass Bridge
eS Series Multifuction Displays
e-Series Multifunction Displays
c-Series Multifunction Displays
a-Series Multifunction Displays
Models 4kW
18in or 24in (45cm or 61 cm)
4kW and 12kW
4ft or 6ft (1.2m or 1.8m) models
Perfect for Sailboats | RIBs | Smaller Powerboats Powerboats over 50ft (15.4m)
Appearance Light weight and compact Narrow horizontal beam widths for enhanced target separation
Power Minimal power consumption Increased power output for improved long range performance
Additional Information Fewer Mounting Restrictions Longer Range Scales
Quiet Operation
  • Lower receiver noise figure (less than 5 dB) for more efficient target echo reception compared to competitive models
  • Auto GST™ Fully automatic Gain, Sea Clutter and Tune Control for hands off operation and optimum performance
  • Advanced microprocessor controlled transmitter receiver features eight Pulse width/PRF settings, providing enhanced targets returns though every range scale