The ST70 Series and ST70 Pods are now retired


Take a look at our new i70 Instrument and the new iTC-5 instrument transducer converter.

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Raymarine ST70 Instrument

ST70 montage    

Multi-talented color displays


Designed for simple setup and use, ST70 offers an array of intuitive digital, analogue, graphical and historical display options. ST70 systems are built on Raymarine's SeaTalkNG network architecture enabling simple interconnection of multiple ST70 instruments, transducers and NMEA2000 compatible devices.


ST70 pair

Key features:

  • Sunlight viewable 3.5in TFT color LCD display with 320 x 240 pixel resolution
  • High contrast and a very wide viewing angle display for easy anywhere visibility
  • Selectable day and night mode color palettes
  • 13 languages
  • Built on a waterproof (CFR46), rugged chassis
  • Surface or flush mountable.
  • Support for SeaTalkNG, SeaTalk, SeaTalk2 and NMEA2000
  • Snap-on sun cover
  • Support for DST800 smart transducers and analog transducers (through the ST70 transducer pods) and SeaTalkNG networking components (sold separately).

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New Features

  • Larger single page digits - 1.42 (36mm) high.
  • White on Black and Black on Red color palettes for night viewing.
  • 3 new day color palettes.
  • Rolling Road/ Course deviation Indicator.
  • One-touch illumination dimming in 10% steps now with group and system control.
  • Auto-scaling of analog dials e.g.: from very low to very high speed.
  • Tridata, MOB and Rudder Bar pages.


New Features require software update - find out more

Red on Black ST70





 Transducer Pods


Note: ST70 pods have now come to the end of production. Please see the iTC-5 transducer converter for connecting ST70 instruments to your SeaTalkng network.


Add depth, speed or wind data to your SeaTalkNG instrument network. The pods connect to the network and host any standard Raymarine Instrument transducer. Transducers are sold separately.


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Depth Transducer Pod

  Speed Transducer Pod  

 Wind Transducer Pod

ST70 Depth Transducer Pod



ST70 Speed Transducer Pod



ST70 Wind Transducer Pod










True wind


  • Apparent wind speed
  • Apparent wind angle
  • True wind speed
  • True wind angle
  • Closed hauled wind
  • Wind speed log
  • Wind direction log
  • Minimum apparent wind speed
  • Maximum apparent wind speed
  • Minimum and Maximum true wind speed
  • GWD (Ground wind direction)
  • Beaufort scale
  • Cardinal







  • Depth (feet, fathoms or meters)
  • Depth log
  • Minimum depth
  • Maximum depth


 ST70 Depth 







  • VMG to Waypoint
  • VMG to Waypoint log
  • Speed and Speed log
  • Maximum Speed
  • Average Speed
  • VMG Windward
  • Log and Trip
  • Local Time
  • Local Date







  • Heading and Heading log
  • Locked and Tack Heading
  • CMG (Course Made Good)
  • DMG (Distance Made Good)
  • Average course error
  • Average heading






 Vessel type

Engine Data (NMEA 2000)

    • Engine RPM
    • Fuel flow and fuel level
    • Battery voltage
    • Battery voltage log
    • Battery Amps and temperature
    • Engine hours
    • Trim position
    • Oil pressure
    • Oil temperature
    • Coolant temperature
    • Coolant pressure
    • Boost pressure






  • Sea temperature
  • Barometric pressure and barometric pressure log (NMEA 2000)
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • Sea temperature (minimum and maximum)
  • Air temperature and air temperature log (NMEA 2000)
  • Air temperature (min and max)

 Sea Temp  





Other Data Features

  • Navigation
  • Fuel
  • GPS
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Man Overboard (MOB)
  • Tridata page
  • Rudder angle
  • Rolling road page