This FAQ relates to the following products:

-AIS650 only

A MFD is not needed to perform the software update, however you will require a blank SD card of any size.


Populating a CF Memory Card with the MFD Software

  1. Insert a compatible SD memory card into the computer's SD memory card reader or into a SD memory card reader which has been interfaced to the computer.
  2. Select the appropriate software download for your product from HERE
  3. Upon completion of the download, click on the downloaded file to open it
  4. Copy all files to the Root of the SD card (Root is the first level you access when selecting the SD).  Make sure the files are not in any folders on the card

    For example, if your computer has assigned Removable Disk (E:) to your CF memory card reader/writer, then the software update files (i.e. the DOB and PKG files alone) should be copied directly to Removable Disk (E:), not to any folders created on the CF memory card.

  5. Remove the CF memory card from the computer's CF memory card reader.

Update the Remote Device Software



  1. Make sure the AIS650 is switched off.  You do not have to disconnect any network cables if installed onboard.
  2. Insert the SD card with the both files present into the units SD Card Slot.
  3. Apply power to the AIS650.
  4. The LED indicator will flash green red several times for around 20 seconds and then stop flashing with a solid amber LED.
  5. Switch power to off.
  6. Remove the card.



Note: this will not change any User/Vessel details inside the AIS650, MMSI, Vessel Type