Introducing the completely redesigned LightHouse II





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Clear and simple design.... 


The high-contrast color and bold new design of LightHouse II gives clear readability and ease-of-use in all lighting conditions.


gS Series and aSeries 

LightHouse Chart Menu    

Smarter, sharper and more powerful...


Re-designed for clarity and simplicity, LightHouse II's fluid touchscreen experience makes accessing navigation information as simple as using a smartphone.


New menus make navigating to your favorite features quicker than ever, while toggle keys clearly indicate which features are enabled or disabled. Customize the menu with dark or light menu palette options.


LightHouse II also features a new DataBar Auto-Hide feature for maximum on-screen viewing.

Over 20 New Features, Including....



 Sonar Support 


Waypoint Icons 


Sonar Charts 

Multiple Sonar Support 


Expanded Waypoint Symbols and Colors 


Support for Navionics Sonar Charts 


GPX Waypoint 


Databar on Radar Screen 


Pinch to zoom 

GPX Waypoint Transfer 


DataBar Auto-hide 


aSeries pinch to zoom 



Waypoints and routes are simple...


LightHouse II has all-new waypoint sorting and searching options; making it easy to find, retrieve, and navigate to all your saved hotspots and destinations.


LightHouse II supports up to 200 waypoints per route and uses the popular GPX file format for simple transfer.

   Waypoint Management 


Introducing LightHouse Charts for US Waters....


The redesigned LightHouse II enables support for Raymarine’s new LightHouse Vector and Raster Charts. Derived from freely available NOAA charts, LightHouse Charts are the simple solution for navigating U.S. coastal waters.


Raster Nautical Charts 

Raymarine Raster Charts


 e12 with LightHouse Charts 


 Vector Charts 


Raymarine Vector Charts


The LightHouse II chart engine is engineered for the future, allowing Raymarine to offer new LightHouse chart types and regions from around the globe.

LightHouse II also supports industry-leading Navionics vector charts including Navionics new community-sourced Sonar charts.




* Compatible models only. LightHouse User Interface MFDs are 3rd generation a, c, e and gS Series displays.