Solutions for Maritime First Responders and Law Enforcement

Marine electronic systems from FLIR and Raymarine are far more than just night vision and navigation. Our solutions are force-multipliers that let you see more and do more on every patrol. Rugged, powerful and simple to use, your electronics provide enhanced safety, security, awareness and interconnectivity to make every mission a success.



Raymarine’s LightHouse Operating System is the powerful, but simple user interface that runs on every MFD. Smartphone-simple, LightHouse OS uses an intuitive app-based interface similar to popular mobile devices. Simply touch the app from the MFD’s home screen and get instant access to your information.

LightHouse OS supports independently customizable user profiles, letting individual operators save their preferred layouts and settings for instant recall whenever they’re on duty. System administrators can also choose to lock all users into a standard profile to ensure consistency.


Secure Data for Maritime First Responders

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is the lead agency responsible for coastal security in the United States. The USCG cannot do it alone and relies on partnerships with other federal, state, and local maritime agencies to ensure the safety and security of the public within the maritime transportation system. As a part of its SINS 2 (second generation scalable integrated navigation system) project, the USCG is upgrading over 2000 vessels with a full suite of integrated Raymarine electronics. The USCG will have access to precision navigation, dynamic target tracking, advanced search, and rescue tools, and, most importantly, encrypted AIS communication technology. Raymarine’s encrypted navigation solution is certified to the US Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140-2) and offers Secure but Unclassified Tactical Exchange Data System (STEDS) capability to authorized participating agencies.

Download our whitepaper for marine first-responders to find out how Raymarine technologies are helping the USCG and local law enforcement to uphold the coastal security of the United States.

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