Dartmouth - v3.12 Update

Key Features & Capabilities

New Features

  • Day and Night Viewing Modes
  • Audio Sidebar Controller
  • New LightHouse Apps

Additional Features

  • Enhanced Fonts & Gauges
  • Fish Detection Alarm
  • Chartplotter Measuring Ruler
  • Automatic Chart Recentering
  • First Responder Waypoint Icons
  • AIS Target Names All On/Off control

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • Improvements to chart hot spotting
  • Chart object information improvements
  • exFAT memory card support
  • Plus many more...


LightHouse Dartmouth 3.12 - Day and Night Viewing Modes | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Day and Night Viewing Modes

Boating doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. LightHouse Dartmouth supports daytime and nighttime modes on all Axiom system. Simply touch the power button for fast access to daytime, night, and extra dark color palette selections that make your Axiom system easy to read under varying light conditions.

LightHouse Dartmouth 3.12 - Audio Sidebar Controller | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Audio Sidebar Controller

LightHouse Dartmouth adds a convenient swipe-out audio control bar that works with compatible NMEA200, Ethernet, and Bluetooth audio systems. Swipe right for quick access to device, zone and source selection plus volume, track skipping, and more.

LightHouse Dartmouth 3.12 - New LightHouse Apps | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

New LightHouse Apps

LightHouse Dartmouth expands our offering of certified apps from leading industry partners. LightHouse apps are now available for:

  • Kinetix Shock Impact Monitoring
  • Lumitec Poco Digital Lighting Control
  • Quick Navigation Network (QNN) Device Control

Click here for more details on these and many more Raymarine Approved apps for Axiom MFDs.


LightHouse Dartmouth 3.12 - Enhanced Fonts & Guages | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Enhanced Fonts & Guages

LightHouse Dartmouth 3.12 - Fish Detection Alarm | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Fish Detection Alarm

LightHouse Dartmouth 3.12 - Chart Measuring Ruler | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Chartplotter Measuring Ruler

LightHouse Dartmouth 3.12 - Automatic Chart Recentering | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Automatic Chart Recentering

LightHouse Dartmouth 3.12 - First Responder Waypoint Icons | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

First Responder Waypoint Icons

LightHouse Dartmouth 3.12 - AIS Target Names Control | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

AIS Target Names All On / Off control


  • Improvements to chart hot spotting
  • Chart object information improvements
  • exFAT memory card support
  • New light home screen and menu color theme
  • Full selection of data items for overlays and sidebars
  • Arabic Keyboard for Waypoints and Routes
  • AR chart objects from LightHouse Charts


Please visit the Axiom Series LightHouse 3 Software History page for the full list of new features, enhancements and fixes.