Edgartown - v3.13 Update

Edgartown (v3.13) is Raymarine’s latest software release for Axiom LightHouse 3 systems. Named for the picturesque harbor on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts this update brings several new features and capabilities to Axiom, Axiom+, Axiom Pro and Axiom XL systems.

Key Features & Capabilities

New Features

  • Raymarine LightHouse Charts Support
  • CZone Digital Switching Plug & Play
  • OSCAR Collision Avoidance System App
  • AnyDesk Remote Access App
  • S63 Encrypted chart support, S52 display format

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • New full-color radar overlay palette
  • Radar range synchronization
  • Waypoint Icons on Radar PPI


Raymarine LightHouse Charts Support

LightHouse Edgartown is ready for Raymarine’s all-new LightHouse Charts catalog, arriving in 2021. LightHouse charts can be purchased online and downloaded directly to Axiom’s onboard storage memory, or to a user-supplied microSD memory card. Charts are available either from the Raymarine chart store, or from the RayConnect App for Apple and Android mobile devices.

LightHouse 3.13 EdgerTown - CZone Digital Switching | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

CZone Digital Switching Plug & Play

Axiom systems now support CZone’s auto-populate feature. This allows users to build basic circuit control pages right on Axiom without need for a dedicated graphics file. Of course, boat builders and system integrators looking for a highly customized layout can still create pages using a dedicated graphics tool. The interface supports page hopping and rich, custom graphics.

OSCAR Collision Avoidance System App

LightHouse Edgartown includes the OSCAR collision avoidance app. This allows Axiom systems to display imagery from the OSCAR artificial vision camera system. OSCAR identifies floating objects in the vessel’s path to reduce the risk of maritime collision. For more details please visit

AnyDesk Remote Access App

New to LightHouse Edgartown is the AnyDesk Remote Desktop app. AnyDesk allows remote access to the Axiom display via the internet. AnyDesk can be used for training, troubleshooting and remote system configuration. Visit for more information.

S63 Encrypted chart support, S52 display format

LightHouse 3.13 Edgartown expands the wide-range of compatible charts available to Axiom users with the addition of support for S57 and S63 encrypted nautical charts. These official Hydrographic Office (HO) charts are most often used onboard large yachts, commercial craft and government vessels subject to official carriage requirements.


LightHouse 3.13 EdgerTown - Full Colour Radar Overlay | Marine Electronics by Raymairne

New full-color radar overlay palette

Axiom users can now choose to display radar overlay in red, black, purple or full color display. In true-color mode the radar uses 256 colors to differentiate between weak and strong radar targets.

LightHouse 3.13 EdgerTown - Radar Range Synchronization | Marine Electronics by Raymairne

Radar range synchronization

Automatically optimizes radar range for best viewing when overlaid on the navigation chart.

LightHouse 3.13 EdgerTown - Waypoint Icons on the Radar Display | Marine Electronics by Raymairne

Waypoint Icons on the Radar Display

LightHouse 3 now supports the display of nearby waypoint icons on the live radar display.


Please visit the Axiom Series LightHouse 3 Software History page for the full list of new features, enhancements and fixes.



LightHouse Edgartown v3.13 is only available on Axiom, Axiom+, Axiom Pro & Axiom XL models.

NOTE: LH3.13 software should not be installed on any other Raymarine MFD.