Guadeloupe - v3.15 Update

Guadeloupe (v3.15) is Raymarine’s latest software release for Axiom LightHouse 3 systems. Named for the French island territory in the Caribbean Sea, this update brings several new features and capabilities to Axiom, Axiom+, Axiom Pro and Axiom XL systems.

Key Features & Capabilities

New Features

  • LightHouse Charts Premium POI Images
  • Expanded Polar Library for Sailing
  • Anchor Drag Alarm Wizard
  • Shallow Depth Alarm
  • Mercury VesselView Split Screen Support

System Improvements

  • Optional Daily Events Grouping for Waypoints
  • Radar Ring Customization
  • GNSS Position Format Selection


LightHouse Guadeloupe 3.15 - Premium POI Images | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Premium POI Images

Access aerial photos, detailed chartlets and marina navigation on your display at your finger tips. Beginning with Reeds Nautical Almanac on the Ireland and Great Britain, France, Spain and Portugal LightHouse Charts. Additional titles and providers coming soon.

LightHouse Guadeloupe 3.15 - Expanded Polar Library | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Expanded Polar Library

Take advantage of laylines and polar performance targets while racing or challenging yourself to reach the maximum speed whilst cruising. LightHouse 3 now has polar performance for over 470 crusing and racing sailboats.

Tech Tip: Don’t see your boat’s polar listed? Upload your Polar data here and and we’ll try to get it in for our next update.

Anchor Drag Alarm & Wizard

LightHouse 3 can support anchoring decisions if required. Step-by-step guidance on anchoring using live system data and maritime best practices.

Anchor Mode - Active

Intuitive on-screen display of your boat’s anchor swing radius and drag circles. Automatic track recording of the vessel’s swing while at anchor.

LightHouse Guadeloupe 3.15 - Shallow Depth Alarm | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Shallow Depth Alarm

LightHouse 3 now has a native alarm for shallow water depth. Alarm increment selectable to 0.5 feet or 0.1 meters.

LightHouse Guadeloupe 3.15 - Mercury VesselView Split Screen Support | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Mercury VesselView Split Screen Support

LightHouse 3 now supports split-screen layouts of VesselView in horizontal or vertical layouts. Resolves a bug where no Mercury data was displayed when engines were at 0 RPM (ignition on, engines not running).


LightHouse Guadeloupe 3.15 - Optional Daily Events Grouping for Waypoints | Marine Electronics by Raymairne

Optional Daily Events Grouping for Waypoints

Optional toggle enables you to capture the generation of new waypoints on a per-day basis. Daily folder is created automatically, when enabled.

LightHouse Guadeloupe 3.15 - Radar Ring Customization | Marine Electronics by Raymairne

Radar Ring Customization

Customize the radar PPI with alternative numbers of range rings. Axiom will auto-calculate the ring spacing base on the number of rings and the range selected.

LightHouse Guadeloupe 3.15 - GNSS Position Format Selection | Marine Electronics by Raymairne

GNSS Position Format Selection

Axiom now support multiple formats for the display and input of latitude and longitude. Configurable in the Settings... Units menu.