New RMK-10 Keypad Bring the Controls to You

New RMK-10 Keypad

Friday, January 27, 2017

The all-new RMK-10 remote keypad accessory bring the controls of your LightHouse II multifunction display right to your fingertips! Compatible with Raymarine a, c, e, eS and gS-Series MFDs, the ultra-compact RMK-10 can be mounted in landscape or portrait orientation and fits just about anywhere.

The RMK-10 is a valuable accessory on boats of all sizes because you can mount it in easy reach of your hands. There is no need to stretch across the wheel, or reach to overhead electronics boxes. It replicates the keypad from eS-Series multifunction displays, as well as its intuitive Uni-Controller rotary knob and joystick. With RMK-10 you can access all of your MFD’s features and functions, and even remote control your Evolution Autopilot.

Onboard go-fast powerboats the RMK-10 can be mounted right near your boat’s wheel and throttle levers. When you’re running fast, you don’t have time to be distracted by reaching for controls. Use the RMK-10 to bring them close so you don’t have to reach to make adjustments.

On cruising boats, consider mounting the slim-line RMK-10 right in the arm of your helm chair. You can have control of your Raymarine MFDs and Evolution autopilot without leaving the chair. In the salon, you can also mount the RMK-10 near your boat’s entertainment center. Imagine being able to see and control your MFD remotely on your big-screen HDTV? It’s possible using the HDMI output on eS and gS-Series, and the RMK-10 keypad.

The RMK-10 works great on sailboats too. Large MFDs have excellent visibility even when mounted across the cockpit or at the companionway. A compact RMK-10 lets you access all of the MFD’s functions without leaving the helm.

The RMK-10 can even control more than 1 MFD on the same helm. Captains and mates running large yachts will really appreciate the ability to logically use the RMK-10 to access and control multiple MFD’s across the helm in the pilothouse. As long as you can see it, you can control it with the RMK-10!

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