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Raymarine Gives Tournament Champ The Winning Edge

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Freedom Crew on the Water

Long-time charter skipper and champion game fisherman Scott Thorrington lives by a simple motto when he's out on the water. "There's no such thing as too much info when you're hunting for fish," he says.

Thorrington, who operates Haven Charters from the NSW Central Coast, relied on Raymarine's class-leading sounder technology to come up trumps in the recent NSWGFA Interclub. In fact, he says his use of Raymarine technology during the past three years has vastly improved his tournament results more generally.

"I used to place regularly in the top five or 10 in the various tournaments I fish, " Thorrington says. "But since I've come onboard with Raymarine I'm now consistently placing in the top one or two."

Fishing from his Blackwatch 34 “Freedom”, as part of the Central Coast Game Fishing Club's Tag & Release Team 1, Thorrington and his crew amassed a massive 49,000 points with blue and black marlin on 15 and 10kg tackle to propel their team to winning position.

Tough conditions made the fishing hard for many of the boats fishing the 2017 NSWGFA Interclub, which is proudly supported by Raymarine. Now in its 55th year, the Interclub ranks high on the game fishing tournament scene, each year attracting hundreds of competitors to its home base of Port Stephens, in the NSW Hunter region.

Thorrington's strategy during the 2017 Interclub was to use his Raymarine CHIRP sounder to find the bait. Once the bait is found, the sounders reveal all the information a skilled and experienced skipper like Thorrington needs to find the fish and get a bite.

Thorrington runs a top-of-the-line CP570 high performance sounder, pinging 2kW of power via a through-hull transducer for his deep-water work. The CP570's advanced CHIRP transceiver provides best-in-class target separation and high resolution sonar imagery to provide Thorrington with the ultimate tool to hunt down deep bait schools and find lurking predatory marlin.

Closer inshore, Thorrington utiliises a CP100 DownVision module networked with a CP200 SideVision featuring a custom made mounting block for its CPT-200 transducer. The CP100's wide beam angle provides Freedom with the ability to find the "holes" and "edges" in a bait school that signify a hunting marlin is nearby. And the SideVision provided by the CP200 gives a unique perspective of bait schools on either side of the boat, allowing Thorrington to position his teasers and baits with pinpoint precision.

"Raymarine's high-definition CHIRP images allow me to see how the bait is reacting. CHIRP doesn't just show a red 'blob', it shows individual baits. And you can tell from those images exactly how those baits are reacting to any marlin that are around. And that allows me to work out how to catch those marlin," Thorrington says.

High pressure tournaments like the Interclub tend to sort the wheat from the chaff, especially when the conditions are testing. The 2017 marlin season has been one of the toughest in recent memory, with fish scattered along the coast in unusually low numbers.

It's at times like these that professional game skippers like Scott Thorrington rise to the challenge. As his results in this year's Interclub attest, Thorrington can produce fish like few others. But he's the first to admit that it's his Raymarine sounders that give him the info he needs to hunt the fish down.

Find out more about the cutting edge marine electronics technology that top skippers like Scott Thorrington rely on at Raymarine.com.au.