New High Definition Marine IP Cameras

New High Definition Marine IP Cameras

Friday, May 27, 2016

CAM210 and CAM220 IP Cameras

May 2016

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our marine IP camera product line with the all new high definition CAM210 and CAM220 cameras.

Both models are engineered for simple video over IP connectivity to our family of LightHouse II powered multifunction displays. With the CAM 210 and CAM220 Raymarine users can transform their multifunction display (MFD) into a powerful video observation system.

The CAM210 and CAM220 high definition cameras are ideal for:

  • Keeping an eye on your family or crew while on board
  • An extra set of eyes for backing up, docking, and maneuvering
  • Recording all the action on deck when fishing or racing
NEW CAM210 and CAM220 IP Marine Cameras | Raymarine by FLIR  

The successor to the CAM200IP, the new CAM210 is a rugged, HD day and night marine camera designed for all above-deck applications. The new CAM210 is also 40% smaller than the CAM200IP.

The new CAM220 is a new dome style camera with a low-profile design that blends seamlessly with today’s modern boats. The CAM220’s rugged enclosure makes it suitable for both above-deck and below-deck applications where a wide viewing angle and high detail are required. Both models feature an array of highly efficient infrared LEDs allowing operation in unlit spaces in total darkness to a range of 20 meters (60-feet.)

Both the CAM210 and CAM220 will begin shipping next week.

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