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New Raymarine i70s Multifunction Instrument

Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 2016

Today Raymarine announced the latest version of their popular color multifunction instrument for sailing, fishing or cruising, the Raymarine i70s.

The i70s is easy-to-customize to suit a user’s personal boating requirements, from traditional analog dials to extra-large digital and graphical displays, providing the flexibility to display instrument and navigation data that is most important to the user. The i70s allows for simple integration into any existing Raymarine instrument system or users can create a network of i70s displays and sensors.

The i70s features a sleek, low-profile design complementing the design of Raymarine’s eS and gS Series, with a large, ultra-bright 4.1” LCD screen that is optically bonded for enhanced contrast and wide viewing angles. Powered by Raymarine’s exclusive LightHouse instrument software, the i70s puts frequently used navigation functions right at the user’s fingertips.

Raymarine i70s also allows for seamless connectivity to the following on board networks:

  • First generation SeaTalk networks using a SeaTalk to SeaTalkng adapter cable
  • Current generation SeaTalkng networks
  • NMEA2000 networks using a SeaTalkng to DeviceNet adaptor
  • In addition to flexible networking capability the i70s features user-selectable data sources, for integration with multi-sensor networks

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New Raymarine i70s Multifunction Instrument | Raymarine by FLIR