LightHouse II Release 15

LightHouse II – Release 15 software for the a, c, e, eS and gS Series Multifunction Display is now available!

This release of LightHouse II offers a number of key features and enhancements, in particular:

1. Added integration support for the FLIR AX8 thermal sensor

2. Added Collision Avoidance & Rendezvous feature for AIS targets

3. Improved AIS Target Type and Status Symbols

4. Improved UI for Guard Zone, Dangerous Target and Tracked Target Setup

5. Support for Wi-Fi Connection to Access Points / Mobile Hotspots

6. SiriusXM Marine Weather Improvements

7. C-MAP by Jeppesen Chart Presentation Improvements

8. RMK-9 Remote Keypad Software Updates

9. Added language support for Latvian, Lithuanian & Thai


Thermal Monitoring System Support

LightHouse II Multifunction Displays (MFD's) can now monitor engine rooms and other onboard machinery using the FLIR AX8 thermal camera system for marine applications.

The FLIR AX8 keeps a watchful eye on such critical equipment as engines, exhaust manifolds, and shaft bearings and let’s captains spot problems before they become costly repairs.

Learn more about the FLIR AX8$1.html  

Collision Avoidance & Rendezvous Features

Release 15 brings a number new features and graphics tools for improving collision avoidance when tracking AIS targets.

New features and enhancements include:

  • New Target Interception graphic overlays for tracking and to rendezvous with other vessels
  • Improved AIS symbols with new symbols for commercial vessels, land stations, recreational vessels, high speed crafts and more
  • User interface improvements for radar guard zones, dangerous targets alarms, target vectors, and tracked target dialog boxes
AIS Pilot Rendezvous - LightHouse II R15 | Raymarine  

With R15, the chart application has features to improve collision avoidance including on-chart target interception zones for AIS data, in relation to your own vessel course and speed.

Target interception zones indicates areas where there is an increased risk of collision. Zones are based on your current speed and AIS data received from targets and can help determine whether course/speed change is necessary to avoid danger.

Target Interception Zone - LightHouse II R15 | Raymarine  

The target interception zone display on the chart consists of:

  1. The target interception zone (predicted area of danger based on target’s last reported position)
  2. AIS target COG vector line
  3. AIS target (last received position)
Target Interception Zone Display - LightHouse II R15 | Raymarine  

Improved AIS Target Type and Status Symbols

With R15, the symbols to represent the type and status of the AIS target has been improved to assist the user with enhanced AIS understanding.

AIS Target Types

AIS Target Types - Unknown Vessel Type | Raymarine   Unknown Vessel Type AIS Target Types - Yacht | Raymarine   Yacht
AIS Target Types - Commercial Vessel | Raymarine   Commercial Vessel AIS Target Types - High Speed | Raymarine   High Speed
AIS Target Types - Land Based Station | Raymarine   Land Based Station AIS Target Types - Blueforce | Raymarine   *Blueforce
AIS Target Types - Search and Rescue Aircraft | Raymarine   Search and Rescue Aircraft AIS Target Types - Aid to Navigation | Raymarine   AToN (Aid to Navigation)
AIS Target Types - Virtual Aid to Navigation | Raymarine   Virtual AToN AIS Target Types - Search and Rescue Transponders | Raymarine   Search and Rescue Transponders

AIS Target Status

AIS Target Status - Lost Target | Raymarine   Lost Target (No border, crossed through) AIS Target Status - Dangerous Target | Raymarine   Dangerous Target (Flashes red)
AIS Target Status - Buddy Target | Raymarine   Buddy Target (Triangle fill) AIS Target Status - Uncertain Target | Raymarine   Uncertain Target (Dashed line)
AIS Target Status - Dangerous and Uncertain | Raymarine   *Dangerous and Uncertain Target (Dashed line, flashes red AIS Target Status - AToN Target Off Position | Raymarine   AToN Target Off Position (Red border)

Additionally, relative and true vector options have been added to the AIS target, which can be distinguised by colour

AIS Target Status - Relative Motion | Raymarine Relative Motion (Orange vector) AIS Target Status - True Motion | Raymarine True Motion (Blue vector)

Improved User Interface for Guard Zone, Dangerous Targets & Target Interceptions Set-up and Tracked Targets Lists

Included with the R15 release, new User Interface dialogs for Guard & Intercept zones are illustrated and use-case descriptions to simplify the set-up process.

The Tracked Target lists for MARPA & AIS targets have been merged and are accessible through the same menu, with additional target detail.

Guard Zone Alarm

Guard Zone Alarms - LightHouse II R15 | Raymarine

Enhanced Guard Zone setup

Dangerous Targets

Dangerous Targets - LightHouse II R15 | Raymarine

Enhanced Dangerous Target Setup

Target Interception

Target Interceptions - LightHouse II R15 | Raymarine

Target Interception Zone setup

Tracked Target List

Tracked Target List - LightHouse II R15 | Raymarine

Improved Tracked Target List