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Autopilots consist of three main components: a drive mechanism, a course computer/processor, and a control head.


 Mechanical linear drive

 Evolution Pilot

 Control Heads

Drive Units

Evolution Autopilot

Control Heads


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Cockpit Autopilots


Inboard/ Outboard Autopilots

Tiller Pilots ST1000 and ST2000

Raymarine Wheel Drive Sail


0.5L Pump Drive


EV-200 Sail

EV-200 Power

EV-200 Sail


ST1000/ ST2000

EV-100 Sail

EV-100 Tiller

EV-100 Power



EV-300 Solenoid


Drive by Wire


EV-100 autopilots are installed in the cockpit of tiller and wheel steered yachts and smaller power boats.


The Evolution inboard range consists of autopilot packs designed to suit specific vessel types, steering systems and vessel displacements.



Autopilot Accessories



Smart Controller


Smart Controllers