DockSense works with the Raymarine range of Axiom multifunction displays and an array of 3D stereo vision cameras. With advanced motion sensors, the system accurately measures the distances to the dock, pilings, and other moored vessels to create a 3D map of the boats surrounding area. A simplified birds-eye-view is then rendered on the Axiom screen.

DockSense Alert - Assisted Docking Technology | Raymarine by FLIR

DockSense Alert is the next generation of Raymarine intelligent docking technology that works on nearly any boat. Using FLIR stereo vision camera technology, DockSense Alert detects nearby obstacles as the boat approaches. The identified object is then highlighted to the captain with both visual and audible alarms that escalate as the boat approaches. DockSense Alert provides Captains with the ability to see potential dangers and to take action accordingly.


DockSense Control - Assisted Docking Technology | Raymarine by FLIR

DockSense Control is an assisted docking system and a first within the recreational marine industry. DockSense Control combines object recognition with control of the vessel’s propulsion system in order to prevent collisions. By creating a virtual fender around the boat, captains can dock safely with the knowledge that DockSense Control is helping to protect their boat.