AIS Receivers & Transceivers

AIS Receivers & Transceivers

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AIS Features

Sailing yacht

Transmit your position

Fitting a Class A or Class B AIS transceiver ensures that you are seen by other AIS equipped vessels.

Motorboat & Sailing Yacht

Vessel protection

As part of a suitably configured network, AIS enables owners to be alerted to unauthorised vessel movements.

Busy Port Marine with Pontoons

Port Management

AIS can be used as a highly effective port management tool allowing easy identification, control and direction of vessels.

Speedboat close to the shoreline

Coastal Surveillance

AIS and radar can be fused to create effective and efficient coastal tracking, surveillance and safety systems.

Different Types of AIS


  • Inexpensive and low-powered
  • Receive and see other vessels Class A and Class B data on Raymarine MFD radar and/or chartplotter

Class A

  • Required for IMO/SOLAS commercial vessels
  • Class A transmits and receives the full set of AIS information

Class B

  • For small commercial vessels and pleasure vessels that do not need to comply with IMO/SOLAS regulations
  • Transmits shortened/simplified AIS information at a slightly less frequent rate than Class A
  • Less AIS functionality than Class A
  • Uses lower transmission power

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