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P17 Retractable Depth Transducer

Retractable depth transducer for instruments

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P17 Retractable Depth Transducer


The P17 retractable depth transducer provides accurate depth readings to Raymarine instrument systems with the added convenience of being able to remove the transducer from the water for storage, cleaning or service.  The transducer mounts nearly flush to the boat's hull to minimize drag and enhance performance.

  • Removeable depth element for easy cleaning and service
  • Right-angle cable exit protects the transducer from damage if stepped on
  • Compatible with i40, i60, iTC-5, ST60+, ST60 and other analog depth instruments
  • 15-meter (45-foot) cable with ISO spade connectors
  • Requires a 2-inch hole for installation
  • Plastic housing suitable for fiberglass and metal hulls

P17 Retractable Depth Transducer

For Raymarine instrument systems

P17 Retractable Depth Transducer SKU: E26030

P17 Retractable Depth Transducer