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Wireless NMEA Interface (T122)

Wired navigation data interface for Micronet wireless systems

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Wireless NMEA Interface (T122)


The Wireless NMEA interface enables you to integrate other wired marine electronics with the Micronet Wireless network. Using traditional NMEA 0183 communication you can connect devices like GPS receivers, chartplotters, autopilots and navigation PCs to the network and share information to and from your wireless instruments.  Powered by the boat's DC power system, the interface has 2 input channels and 1 output channel.

  • Wireless Micronet networking for easy, no-wires connection to other instruments
  • External alarm connector
  • Supports NMEA 0183 version 2.30
  • Received Sentences: DBT, DPT, HDG, HDM, MWV, RMB, RMC, VHW, VLW 
  • Transmitted Sentences: DPT, GLL, HDG, MTW, MWV, RMB, RMC, VHW, VLW, VWR

Wireless NMEA Interface (T122)

Network interface for wired devices.

Wireless NMEA Interface (T122) SKU: T122

Wireless NMEA Interface (T122)

  • Micronet wireless network compatible