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EV-DBW Volvo Edition

Autopilot for boats with Volvo Penta IPS or Aquamatic propulsion systems

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EV-DBW Volvo Edition

EV-DBW Volvo Overview

The EV-DBW Pilot system is an advanced, digital autopilot for boats with drive-by-wire electronic steering. The Volvo edition of EV-DBW comes complete with with all the necessary hardware and cabling to connect to a Volvo Penta IPS or Aquamatic propulsion system.

The EV-2 sensor core communicates directly with the boat's digital steering system using CAN bus communication for accurate, reliable autopilot control.   

The EV-DBW Volvo Edition pilot kit includes the p70Rs color, rotary autopilot controller, EV-2 sensor core, ECI-100 Engine and Control Interface, Volvo EVC link cable, Volvo Y-loom cable, and an Evolution cabling kit.

EV-DBW Volvo Edition Pilot Key Features

  • Works with Volvo Penta IPS and Aquamatic propulsion and steering systems
  • Engine data interface and Volvo-specific cabling included
  • SeaTalkNG/NMEA2000 for networking with instruments and chartplotters
  • Requires no complicated setup or autopilot calibration. 
  • Includes the EV-2 sensor core. An intelligent 9-axis heading sensor that uses aerospace guidance technology to adapt and evolve to changing sea conditions and vessel dynamics
Autopilot intelligent sensor core (EV1 and EV2)

EV-DBW Volvo Edition Autopilot

For Volvo Penta IPS and Aquamatic equipped vessels

EV-DBW Volvo Edition Pilot System SKU: T70214

EV-DBW Volvo Edition Pilot System

  • Works with Volvo Penta IPS and Aquamatic systems

  • EV-2 Sensor Core Included

  • Includes p70Rs control head

  • ECI-100 Engine Interface and Volvo-specific cables included