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YachtSense Reverse Power Module

The Reverse power module provides 1 x 20 A bidirectional channel.

Product Options
YachtSense Reverse Power Module
Motorboat helm

Key Features

The Reverse Module provides control over 1 x DC circuit that can reverse its polarity. It is ideal for motion control applications like hydraulic pumps, actuators, sunroofs, sunshades, and electric windows. 

Channel capabilities include:

  • 20 A reversible drive module
  • Over current protection
  • Under current detection
  • Voltage protection up to 32 V DC

YachtSense Reverse Power Module

Reverse Power Module SKU: E70596

Reverse Power Module

YachtSense Reverse Power Module Resources

Power Specification
Nominal supply voltage

12 V dc / 24 V dc

Operating voltage range

8 V dc to 32 V dc

Maximum output current

20 A

Data Connections
Reversible connection

1 channel reversible power

Module communications

Internal 6–pin connection

Physical Data
Module Dimensions: H/W/D (not including busbars)

160 mm (6.30 in) x 28.00 mm (1.10 in) x 76.50 mm (3.01 in)


0.26 Kg (0.57 lb)

What's in the box?


Input or output modules (All modules are Supplied fitted with Molex connector(s) Output modules are supplied with fuses fitted).



Getting started

If you are a boat builder or system integrator working with a boat builder, Raymarine YachtSense experts can partner with your engineering team to design a YachtSense system. To connect with a YachtSense expert contact us today.