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360 Degree View Docking Camera System for Axiom

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Neuboat Dock

Take the Stress Out Of Docking

Docking a boat can be stressful. Blind spots, wind, and currents are all conspiring against you. The Raymarine and Avikus Neuboat system makes docking effortless. Neuboat Dock delivers a 360-degree view around your vessel, eliminating blind spots so you can maneuver in tight areas and approach the dock stress-free.

Avikus NeuBoat Dock 360 Degree View

360 Degrees of Awareness

A 6-camera system provides a 360-degree birds-eye view around the vessel.

Avikus Neuboat Dock Distance Guides

Dock With Confidence

On-screen distance guides provide visual cues and help you dock in tight spaces. 

Avikus Neuboat Dock 360 view and 6 camera view

Multiple Views

Enjoy a 360-degree view or view each camera independently with pre-set docking modes.

The Avikus NeuBoat Dock System

Avikus Cameras

Six Surround View Monitor Cameras

Installed at the bow, bow-port, bow-starboard, port, starboard, and stern on your vessel, these cameras provides a 360° birds-eye surround view of your vessel’s immediate surroundings. Six cameras provide coverage for vessels up to 100 ft (30 meters)

Avikus Neuboat Dock Camera Conversion Unit

Avikus Camera Conversion Unit

Installed below deck, this unit receives data from the 6 Surround-View Monitor cameras and then transmits the processed data to the connected Object Recognition Unit. For vessels over 50 feet (15 meters), an additional Camera Conversion Unit and network cabling may be required. 

NeuBoat Object Recognition Unit

Object Recognition Unit

Installed below deck, the Avikus Object Recognition receives data from the Camera Conversion Unit and then interprets the visual information from all connected cameras into a synchronized view.

Avikus Neuboat Dock Camera Conversion Unit

Axiom Display

At the helm, an Axiom chartplotter display provides simple touchscreen access to the Neuboat Dock user interface and 360-degree camera view.

System Diagram

The complete system consists of 6 Surround-View Monitor cameras, Object Recognition Unit and the Camera Control Unit connected seamlessly to an Axiom Chartplotter display at the helm.

Avikus Neuboat Dock System Diagram

Simplified Installation for Boat Builders

Designed for new boat construction, Avikus Neuboat Dock from Raymarine offers simplified configuration and commissioning. Calibration can be performed on land or in the water. No cumbersome calibration mats or posts used in other systems are required. Calibration does not require Raymarine personnel to be on-site at the boat factory. NeuBoat Dock can be calibrated remotely with a simple Axiom internet connection via Wi-Fi or a YachtSense Link router.

Neuboat Dock Ordering Information

Neuboat Dock

Neuboat Dock
  • For vessels in the 50' (15 meters) range

  • Includes Six Surround View Monitor Cameras

  • Includes Avikus Obstacle Recognition Unit

  • Includes Avikus Camera Conversion Unit

  • Compatible with Axiom chartplotters (sold separately) 

Neuboat Dock Resources

What's in the box illustration
What's in the box?

The following parts are supplied with the Neuboat Dock System:


(6 x) Surround View Monitor camera.


(1 x) Documentation pack (includes placement position file).


(24 x) Fixing screws.


(6 x) SVM camera to CCU cable, 15 m (49.21 ft).


(1 x) Camera Conversion Unit.


(4 x) Fixing screws.


(1 x) CCU power cable, 1 m (3.3 ft).


(1x) CCU camera input cable 1, 200 mm (7.87 in).


(1x) CCU camera input cable 2, 200 mm (7.87 in).


(1 x) CCU to ORU cable, 15 m (49.21 ft).


(1 x) Object Recognition Unit.


(4 x) Fixing screws.


(1 x) ORU to RayNet cable, 25 m (82.02 ft).


(1 x) ORU power cable, 2 m (6.56 ft).

Interested in Avikus Neuboat Dock?

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