Raymarine Analogue and Digital Instrument Displays

Analogue and Digital Instrument Displays | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

Raymarine has the instrument displays for you whatever your boating requirements - from the compact but powerful Raymarine i40 instrument displays series to the high-end, large screen Raymarine i70s instrument displays.



The Raymarine Wireless Instrument Range | Raymarine by FLIR

The Raymarine Wireless Range

You need instant access to accurate data and displays that are absolutely reliable. Raymarine Wireless instruments display all the data you'll need and there are no wires running through your hull or down your mast.


Find out more about wireless instruments for racing | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

Whether you are racing multi-hulls, dinghies, keel or sports boats...

Raymarine Wireless racing displays deliver precise data where you need it and when you need it!

Find out more about wireless instruments for cruising | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

Relaxed, out at sea - nowhere you'd rather be.

When cruising in the open ocean, your peace of mind depends on having accurate and visible data.

Find out more about the new MicroTalk Wireless Gateway | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

Relaxed, out at sea - nowhere you'd rather be.

Raymarine’s new Micro-Talk Wireless Performance Sailing Gateway seamlessly joins together wired and wireless systems enabling you to achieve all-new levels of high performance sailing!


Instrument Transducers

Select an Instrument Transducer that is most suited for your needs.

Choose from our range of transducers which record: Depth | Depth, Speed and Temperature | Speed and Temperature | Wind Speed and Angle | Rudder Angle.


iTC-5 Transducer to SeaTalkng Converter

The Raymarine iTC-5 converts analogue transducer signals used in i70, ST70+ and ST70 instrument systems to SeaTalkng.

Transducers for Speed/Temperature, Depth, Wind, Rudder Angle and Fluxgate Compass can be connected to the one iTC-5 unit, eliminating the need for multiple ST70 pods.


Instrument Display Help

SeaTalkng is an interconnection bus for Raymarine products. Small diameter cable connectors are used throughout the system to make installation easier.

Whether you are looking to expand your current SeaTalkng system, update your electronics suite or completely refit, it couldn’t be easier with SeaTalkng.

Learn how to network multiple instruments together with SeaTalkNG