Marine Audio by Rockford Fosgate

Marine Audio by Rockford Fosgate | Raymarine by FLIR

Raymarine Audio Entertainment powered by Rockford Fosgate provides boaters a full-featured audio command center with audiophile-quality sound and limitless flexibility. The Rockford Fosgate source units can be fully remote controlled from any Raymarine LightHouse II Multifunction display onboard the vessel using NMEA2000 CAN bus networking. Raymarine’s custom audio application is designed for ease of use and contains all of the same controls as found on the source unit, including control of all of the individually sourced controls.

Complete the system with marine-grade components from Rockford’s full line of Prime™, Punch™, and Power™ speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers. With so many options its easy to tailor the soundscape in each space onboard your boat.

You’ll enjoy the Rockford Fosgate signature sound everywhere onboard!

Raymarine Audio Powered By Rockford Fosgate

Raymarine PMX-8DH Source Unit | Raymarine by FLIR

The Raymarine audio system powered by Rockford Fosgate is a high-performance, multi-zone audio system designed for premium sound and maximum flexibility.

  • Remote controllable from both Raymarine MFDs and Rockford Fosgate remotes both above and below decks
  • Multi-zone systems allow for independent music source selection, playback and control from anywhere onboard
  • Element Ready™ components engineered for extreme duty in the marine environment while providing Rockford Fosgate’s signature sound

Effortless control from everywhere onboard your boat

  • Control the system from Raymarine’s custom audio application on LightHouse II MFDs
  • Wireless control from your Smartphone or Tablet with Raymarine’s RayControl app
  • Rockford Fosgate wired remote displays are also available in a range of sizes and configurations

Scalable systems customized to your vessel

  • Supports up to 3 input sources and 4 independently controlled output zones (PMX-8BB)
  • Choose from Rockford Fosgates' wide array of speakers and amplifiers to tailor the sound to each space
  • Android, iPhone, Bluetooth, and USB
  • Source selection plus AM, FM, TM and Auxiliary input

Source units, remotes, amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers engineered for the marine environment

  • Source units feature IPX6 waterproofing, conformal coated PCBs, and optically bonded displays
  • Prime™ and Punch™ speakers and components deliver amazing performance while being 100% marine grade
  • Marine amplifiers designed to weather the toughest environments and deliver signature sound

The Ultimate Audio Experience

Raymarine PMX-2 Source Unit | Raymarine by FLIR

For over 35 years Rockford Fosgate® has made lifestyle products that deliver the ultimate audio experience in cars, boats, and recreational vehicles. Rockford continues to be a leader in the audio industry by designing and engineering products to connect enthusiasts to their- music and machine. Creating components that deliver high performance sound for the most demanding connoisseur is what drives Rockford to continually elevate the listening experience.

Truly a line designed by fanatics for fanatics, our marine family of products is developed by the same people that use them in their everyday lives. Living the lifestyle and being able to interface with our customers gives our design and engineering groups a unique perspective to be able to deliver top quality products that perform to the Rockford Standard.

Rockford Fosgate Element Ready | Raymarine by FLIR

Rockford’s Element Ready™ products are built from high grade materials, and put through intense environmental testing. Freshwater or saltwater, Rockford Fosgate’s Element Ready™ products will ensure your music always sounds its best on the water.

Rockford's Element Ready Speakers | Raymarine by FLIR

Marine Audio Products

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Source Units

Element Ready source units provides you a solution no matter how large or small of a system you want to design.

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Built to withstand the marine environment, our speakers deliver high-quality sounds for you to enjoy.

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Wake Can Speakers

When you want to enjoy the music even at the end of the tow rope, mount a set of Rockford Fosgate speaker enclosures and turn up the volume.

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Packed with power, Rockford Fosgate amplifiers are specifically engineered to perform out in the elements.

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Rockford engineers its woofers to produce high output bass without crumbling when exposed to the elements.