Shadow-Caster LED Lighting Control

Shadow-Caster, Inc.

Raymarine Approved App | Marine Electronics by RaymarineRaymarine Approved App

Compatible with Axiom, Axiom Pro and Axiom XL
Shadow-Caster LED Lighting Control | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Control your Shadow-Caster brand LED lighting right from your Raymarine Axiom multifunction display. This app requires the presence of the SCM-MFD Controller Kit hardware on your system.

The Shadow-Caster Multi-Function Display Controller allows a user the ability to seamlessly control multiple zones of lighting throughout an entire vessel independently. It also allows the user to synchronize zones together for a clean, uniform look. Easily switch colors, adjust brightness, or synchronize lights with music.

To access the Shadow-Caster control app you will need to have the Shadow-Caster SCM-MFD Controller Kit installed onboard your boat. This kit allows a user to easily control all the Shadow-Caster and Standard RGB lighting on their vessel. Designed to comply with an emerging NMEA lighting standard, the controller is designed to work on a CAN or NMEA2000 type network, using Shadow-NET protocol CAN (Control Area Network) Commands.

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