LightHouse II Release 14

The 14th major quarterly release of Raymarine's LightHouse II software introduces a range of new sail-specific tools and features that are compatible with all Multifunction Display platforms including: aSeries, cSeries, eSeries, eS Series and the gS Series.

Release 14 also comes with numerous other updates, enhancements and bug-fixes - Find out more on the next tab.


LightHouse II R14 Advanced Sailing Tools
Sail to Win or Just Sail Smarter

New to racing? - turn your Raymarine MFD into your sports coach - see where the start line is, see how long to go to the start, see when to tack, see which direction to round the mark, - all clearly laid out on your MFD display.

Keen club racer? – use the polar import option to produce customized dynamic lay lines, now you’ll really see if you’re up to speed.

Performance cruiser? – use dynamic lay lines with leeway and tide effect to clear that headland and make your way into port.

Our new sail tools are seamlessly integrated into LightHouse II R14 chart application and work with all Raymarine LightHouse Multifunction Displays and Instrument Systems. These features are only visible when one of the 'Sail' vessel types are selected during the MFD setup.


RaceRouting™: Quick Race Course Builder


Smart Mark: Waypoint Rounding Indicators


Dynamic Lay Lines with Wind History


Polar Import Option


Race Timer


SmartStart™ Start Lines Visualisation


LightHouse RaceRouting™: Quick Race Course Builder

Race committees may modify a race course for changing wind, weather, traffic or other conditions on short notice. The course to be sailed is often communicated using shortened race mark identification codes, this can be over the VHF radio, via text messaging or on a display board.

LightHouse RaceRouting™ lets skippers quickly and accurately define the race course from pre-entered racing marks, and displays it as a route on the chart.


Building a Race Route

Enter a sequence of race mark ID codes, separated by commas. The route is built automatically and displays on the chart.

Yacht clubs and race organizers typically publish their race mark positions each season, ideal for pre-entry into chartplotter and GPS systems.

GPX files of race mark positions can be imported as waypoints using the MFD’s file import tools.

Race mark IDs should be entered in the waypoint Comment field.


LightHouse Waypoint Rounding Indicators

When racing, buoys and marks must be rounded to port or starboard, as defined by the race committee and time penalties are added for failure to comply with rounding orders. With LightHouse II v14 waypoints can now have a rounding direction to any waypoint in a route which will appears on the chart.


LightHouse Laylines: Visualize the Wind

  • Used to visualize the fastest and most efficient way for the boat to reach its destination given present wind and tidal flow conditions.
  • Dynamically updated by the boat’s instrumentation - needs MFD, GPS, STW (Speed through Water), Wind, Heading sensor (can be Evolution autopilot).
  • Overlaid on the navigation chart
  • Wind history - color ‘cones’ shown along laylines reveal the extent/degrees to which the wind has shifted
  • 3 Layline modes:
    • Mirrored True Wind Angle (TWA)
    • Fixed Angles (user selectable )
    • Polars (customized to your vessel)

Polar Import: Laylines Customized to Your Boat

  • Easily import custom polar diagrams from .CSV File
  • Polar diagrams for major hull designs are readily available from builders and manufacturers
  • Importing Polar information customizes the laylines to your boat’s maximum performance potential
  • Polar laylines display the optimum pointing angle for your boat in the existing wind conditions

LightHouse Race Timer

  • The Race Timer is used to anticipate the starting gun, and ensure the boat is ready and up to full speed as the starting gun is fired
  • Race Timer data box available in the charting app as either a data box or data bar cell
  • Selectable 1 to 30 minutes until start
  • Menu and Touch-controllable
    • Momentary touch to start/skip
    • Long hold to reset
    • Automatically counts-up after countdown to start reaches zero

LightHouse SmartStart™: Starting Line Visualization

Gauging the boat’s position relative to the starting line is critical to getting a good start - the boat should be at full speed, and crossing the line precisely as the starting gun is fired. Crossing too early can result in time-costly penalties being given or even in disqualification; crossing late gives away boat-lengths to the competition

With Raymarine's SmartStart™ feature the temporary starting line can be displayed right on the chart app.

The starting line is defined by:

  • Sailing by the endpoints and placing marks at the vessel’s position
  • Placing endpoints by known lat/lon positions
  • Placing endpoints using pre-entered waypoints

Note: Local conditions, including the effects of tide and wind on committee vessels and, therefore, start lines, must be taken into consideration when using the Start Line feature.