Meet Gregg LaMere

Raymarine Pro Ambassador


Semi Retired from proffessional fishing the In-Fisherman professional Walleye Trail, for 17 plus years.

First rookie to receive the Sharp Angler award; the candidate was voted for by the other pros and staff. Haven't stopped looking for the world record Walleye. Or State if that matters. As long as I'm chasing for a record or just chasing Walleye. I was at the top of the Walleye top of the field for the last Ten Years of my career.

I had up to 34 sponsors who helped me achieve what I did. I had no time to do enough for my sponsors. What I have done is started my own fishing business. The platform I will be working from is a New Skeeter 2013, WX 2190 Walleye multi-speices boat. I will be displaying and demonstrating my boat and sponsored product on how and why we use certain products, as well as demo rides for potential buyers.

I will be doing about 12 shows starting in January-April and I'll be working close with the sales reps who will get leads of potential customers from having there name on my Boat and Truck. Sponsors will also to get the best of both worlds. With my past experience, a sponsor can expect to have someone who is very knowledgeable about their products. With a hands on meeting, along with boat demo to a little fishing education I will now have the time to give back to the industry and help other anglers learn from an experienced person.

Sponsors I have currently with me are: Freeway Sports Center, Raymarine, TraxsTech and Navionics. Having the ability to travel at anytime for sponsored events gives my sponsors a way to contact people me one on one and via the web.

I have 25 years experience as a Professional Fisherman along with extensive knowledge of the products that I will be displaying and using. Whilst on tour, I've always talked with the locals, and sometimes I would be giving demonstrations right in the parking lot during a tour. I'm very lucky and privileged to represent your company.

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