Instructions on how to apply the libary update


  • Windows PC
  • 12/24V Power Supply with minimum 5A rating
  • 9 Way RS232 connector Female to Female. Use a USB/Serial adaptor if required for your PC
  • SatUploader 6.80R Software
  • B3_Series_Raymarine Library_3.06_151001
Note: Both Sat Uploader and the libary file are contained in the zip file
  1. Ensure the System to be updated is connected to a 12V power supply with a minimum 5 Amp Power Supply and the Dome is connected to the ACU using the RF1 connector.
  2. Connect the unit to the programming PC/Laptop via the 9-pin PC INTERFACE Port on the back of the ACU. You may require a Serial to USB converter if the PC does not have a serial data port.
  3. Power down the ACU using the front panel switch.
  4. Run the SatUploader 6.80R Software
  5. Click “Target File” and locate the B3_Series_Raymarine Library_3.06_151001.ilf file.
  6. Select the correct Com port from the drop down list and ensure the CONNECT tickbox is ticked
  7. Power up the ACU, the connect light icon will illuminate
  8. Click the “Upload” button.
  9. Once the update is complete, power cycle the ACU to allow the STV system to re-initialize with the new Library information.