Upgrade Raymarine Multifunction Displays with Wi-Fi

Connecting To A Wi-Fi Access Point / Mobile Hotspot

Raymarine Wi-Fi enabled MFDs can be connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi access point or mobile hotspot.

From the Wi-Fi menu: (Homescreen > Set-up > Wireless Connections > Wi-Fi)

1. Select Wi-Fi Networks

The MFD will now search for and display a list of all Wi-Fi networks in range. The list will be sorted by decreasing signal strength.

Select Wi-Fi Networks | Raymarine by FLIR  

2. Select Your Network

Select the network that you want to connect to. The Network details are displayed.

Select Wi-Fi Networks | Raymarine by FLIR  

3. Select Connect

The MFD will now attempt to connect to the selected network.

When connecting to a secured network (identified by the lock symbol) the onscreen keyboard will be displayed to enable you to enter the network’s passphrase.

Once connected the network credentials will be saved by the system and be available to networked MFDs.

Connect To Network | Raymarine by FLIR  

Using your MFD to Check for software updates online

When your MFD is connected to an Access point that includes an internet connection the MFD can check online for available software updates for your Raymarine products.

Note: To check for software updates for connected SeaTalkng® products you must use the Data Master MFD.

From the Maintenance menu: (Homescreen > Set-up > Maintenance)

1. Select Check Online for Updates.

The MFD will now attempt to establish an internet connection. Please follow any onscreen instructions.


2. Connect.

Once a connection is established the MFD will check for new software updates available for your Raymarine products.


3. Select Updates.

Select the software updates that you want to download.


  • Software files are downloaded to internal storage or to MicroSD card depending on the free space available.
  • Downloaded software files are deleted once the software update process is complete.
Check For Updates | Raymarine by FLIR  

4. Select Download and Install.

The software will now be downloaded to your MFD and then installed on the selected products.

Download and Install | Raymarine by FLIR