Raymarine ST70 Plus Instrument Features


Raymarine ST70+ Instrument 3 window white


For the Bigger Picture


The Raymarine ST70+ is fully customizable, allowing you to view information when you want it and where you want it, be it in digital or analog format, full screen or in user defined windows selected from any of 17 configurations.


Raymarine ST70+ Wind Instrument blue  

Key features:

  • Large 6.5in (165mm) VGA color LCD display
  • Wide viewing angle for superb visibility
  • Sunlight viewable display
  • 4:3 Screen format (640 x 480 pixels)
  • SeaTalkNG and SeaTalk1 connectivity
  • Installation options include surface mount, flush mount or rear panel mounting
  • Choice of 5 color palettes, including red on black for night vision and inverse white on black for enhanced clarity in bright conditions
  • Fully waterproof to IPX6 standard
  • High quality graphics
  • User defined instrument data pages
  • 17 screen template/layout options
  • Each page can be customized and turned on/off as required
  • Screen can be configured as an instrument or an autopilot display (at set up)


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Dedicated Keypads


The button-less displays are operated by dedicated keypads - there's a push-button only pilot keypad for sailboats, a rotary pilot for powerboats and a combination push button and rotary instrument keypad for complete control of all instrument features.


Raymarine Instrument Keypad     Raymarine ST70 plus Instrument Power pilot keypad    Raymarine ST70 plus Instrument sail pilot keypad 

Raymarine Instrument Keypad


The instrument keypad controls all the instrument functions via a series of push buttons and a multifunction 'Unicontrol' interface.


Raymarine Power Pilot Keypad


The power pilot keypad is designed specifically for powerboats.

  • Dedicated buttons engage and disengage the autopilot
  • Unicontrol allows you to change course
  • Dodge also available on the sail keypad - needs an SPX pilot to activate

Raymarine Sail Pilot Keypad


Designed specifically for sail boats.

  • Dedicated buttons to engage and disengage the autopilot, perform a dodge maneuver and track to a waypoint
  • Course adjustments are made using the port and starboard -1, +1, -10 and +10 keys






Raymarine ST70+ Functionality


 Raymarine ST70+ Instrument 3 screen wind speed heading black 


  • Velocity Made Good (VMG) to Waypoint
  • Speed and Speed Over Ground
  • Max Speed and Average Speed
  • VMG to Windward
  • Trolling Speed
  • Speed Graph



  • Heading
  • Locked heading
  • Tack heading






  • Apparent wind speed and wind angle
  • True wind speed and true wind angle
  • Ground Wind Direction (GWD)
  • Cardinal
  • Beaufort scale
  • Wind speed and wind direction graph
  • Min/max apparent wind speed
  • Min/max True wind speed
  • Min/max Apparent wind angle
  • Min/max True wind angle
  • Close hauled wind
Raymarine ST70+ full wind display white 




 Raymarine ST70+ Instrument Depth, Speed and heading on white 


  • Depth (feet, fathoms or metres)
  • Depth log
  • Minimum depth
  • Maximum depth


Distance and Time

  • Log and trip
  • Local time
  • Local time and date
  • Race timers




Engine - via NMEA 2000

  • Engine RPM
  • Fuel flow
  • Battery amps
  • Engine hours
  • Trim position
  • Oil pressure and temperature
  • Coolant temperature
  • Boost pressure
  • Coolant pressure
  • Display and calibration of Bennetts and trim tabs


Fuel - via NMEA 2000

  • Fuel level
  • Fuel flow - instantaneous
  • Fuel flow - average
  • Distance to empty
  • Fuel remaining



  • Battery voltage - via NMEA 2000
  • Battery amps
  • Voltage (of the unit)
  • Battery temperature - via NMEA 2000
Raymarine ST70+ Instrument Blue 6 screen display  




Raymarine ST70+ Instrument Waypoint screen 


  • Course Made Good (CMG)
  • Distance Made Good (DMG)
  • Bearing and Distance to Waypoint (BTW and DTW)
  • Cross Track Error (XTE)
  • Estimated Time of Arrival and Time To Go (ETA and TTG)


  • Course Over Ground (COG)
  • Speed Over Ground (SOG)
  • Latitude and Longitude (Lat/Lon)
  • Satellites
  • Satellites and horizontal dilution of precision (HDOP)


Pilot Mode

  • Rudder angle
  • Course to steer
  • Pilot heading






  • Sea temperature
  • Barometric pressure - via NMEA 2000
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • Sea temperature (min/max)
  • Air temperature - via NMEA 2000
  • Air temperature (min/max)
  • Set and drift
  • Dew point
  • Wind chill (true and apparent)
  • Humidity

 Raymarine ST70+ Instrument Menu